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Terminator 2 robot is real, it goes from solid to liquid and goes through bars

Terminator 2: The Final Judgment, directed by James Cameron and released in cinemas in 1991, has been one of the most iconic and completed saga. Here Arnold Schwarzenegger had a mission to save John and Sarah Connor from the evil Android T-1000. The film provided us with many scenes to remember, but the most iconic was the T-1000’s transition into liquid metal. Although in its time it was created entirely by CGI and looked like science fiction, now some researchers have managed to recreate it in real life, creating a Robot that goes from solid to liquid state why goes through the bars in terminator 2,

It’s been more than 20 years since Terminator 2 hit theaters, but even though its CGI effects are outdated today, they were impressive at the time. From this movie, we will all remember the antagonist Android T-1000also known as officer austin, the antagonist of this installment. Unlike previous Terminators, the T-1000 has a human formIn addition to being a very advanced technology avoid fatal damage, Explosions, bullets and everything that we thought would be enough to kill him, was not enough. and that is, he was able to revive yourself through a “mimetic polyalloy”, which was based on the use of liquid metal with nanochips,

Terminator 2’s T-1000 exists in real life as a tiny robot

Those of you who have seen Terminator 2 will remember the scene in which the Android T-1000 was turned into liquid metal fending off attacks and continuing to pursue Connors. In case you don’t remember or want to refresh your memory, we have attached the video with the legendary scene in the hospital. Here we see that Android is able to change from solid to liquid go through the bars, No one imagined or expected this, but a group of researchers has managed to show that they are able to recreate this scene,

Unlike the movie, this is not a killer android, but a small robot that can act in the same way as in Terminator 2. reversible change from solid to liquid state, The technology that we thought was just the work of a science fiction movie now exists and now we get to see it in action.

This robot can melt, rebuild itself and lift 30 times its own weight

In the video we can see the result of his investigation with the robot he called mptm, which can be translated in Spanish as magnetoactive phase transition material. With a size of only 5 cm high and 1 mm wide, this tiny robot when in Solid state can support up to 30 times its own weight, It is composed of magnetic particles with an alloy of neodymium, hierro why boroughintegrated into Galliuma metal in which a Melting point of only 29.8 degrees,

Robot Terminator 2 Original

This means that it can basically go from solid to liquid state at room temperature. as well, No need to apply external heat source, since the magnetic particles inside it react with magnets having a magnetic field. Knowing this, they put the robot through its paces with a series of exercises to see what it was capable of. One of these was to recreate a scene from Terminator 2, where we can see this robot doing the same thing in real life.

But it doesn’t end there, as they have shown that this type of robot is capable of performing other tasks. May divide and rule power, being able to turn on a light bulb in one test. They also climb walls and overcome obstacles by clinging to surfaces. As we can see, this material has a great future many applicationsAlthough it is not indicated when it will be used in industry.

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