Terrible case of necrophilia: he abused more than 100 corpses of women and girls in a morgue

Terrible case of necrophilia: he abused more than 100 corpses of women and girls in a morgue

An independent investigation in the United Kingdom found that years of “systemic procedural failures” at a public hospital allowed an electrician, later convicted of murder, to commit acts of necrophilia on the corpses of women. and girls above 15 years.

David Fuller, 65, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2021, raped the lifeless bodies of more than 100 women and girls in the hospital morgue where he worked for 15 years without anyone suspecting in his actions.

Police uncovered him when they found photos and videos documenting his abuse during a search of his home in the English county of East Sussex when he was being investigated for his involvement in a double-dealing. to kill.

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During the raid, the agents found 818,051 pictures and 504 videos of the abuse of the subject, who recorded himself committing acts of necrophilia in the morgue of the hospital where he worked.

According to local media, Fuller beat and strangled two women to death: Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, before sexually abusing the two in two separate attacks in 1987. .

However, he was not arrested until December 3, 2020, when new analysis of DNA evidence allowed him to identify a relative in the national database and led to Fuller.

When the photos and videos were found, the British Government ordered an investigation to clarify how Fuller committed the crimes of necrophilia for so long without raising suspicions.

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It determined that “management failures, regulatory failures, failures to follow standard policies and procedures, along with a continued lack of curiosity contributed to the creation of an environment in which he was able to do the crime and did it for 15 years without being convicted. .” suspected or arrested.”

The investigation shows that those responsible for running the center should “seriously and carefully reflect on their responsibility for the weaknesses and deficiencies” identified, according to Jonathan Michael, head of the investigation.

Missed opportunities to question Fuller’s employment practices, according to the investigation, such as her often working longer hours than specified in her contract or performing unnecessary morgue duties.

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Michael stated that Fuller “entered the morgue 444 times in one year and it went unnoticed and unchecked.”