Terrible letter from Guardian of the Sentry Gontor party prevents outside interference, police: we will process it further

Illustration photo of Gontor Islamic Boarding School. The statement from the sentry guardian’s letter that forbids interference from outside the hut, the police promised to investigate. (Source: Kompas TV)

Author: dedik priyanto , Editor: ivory curtain

PONOROGO, KOMPAS.TV – Ponorogo’s police chief, AKBP Katoor Kahyono, responded to a viral letter from a guardian of the students of the Gontor Islamic Boarding School forbidding the existence of ‘outside parties’, including the police, in completing the boarding school’s affairs.

The letter was circulated with headlines on the case of AM (17 years) a student from Gontor, who died on August 22, 2022, allegedly due to misbehavior by a senior student.

According to Katoor, his party has seized various documents required for investigation.

“It is certain that we have confiscated letters, whether from the lodge or from the family, so that they are under investigation. The cooperative’s lodge is open for information for investigation process,” he explained, Saturday (10/9/2022) to journalist compass tv Hendra Setiawan.

So, are there any legal consequences related to the statement letter?

Katur explained, his party would find out later in the investigation process.

“We will move on. There is another process we have to go through,” the police chief continued.

For information, let us tell you that the letter had a stamp of Rs 6,000 and went viral in the media about the statement of the parents of the students of Gontor Islamic Boarding School. There are seven points in the statement sheet.

Two points are considered harmful, namely point two relating to the inability to demand all the actions and risks received by the students from the pondok, and point number 3 in which there is a prohibition of outside interference if there is a problem in the pondok.

“Do not involve outside parties to the lodge (police officers, law enforcement officers, etc.) in settling matters with Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor,” reads point 3 of the statement.


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