Tesla Cybertruck, everything we know about Elon Musk’s electric pick-up


There are still data and technical characteristics of the Tesla Cybertruck that are a mystery. This is all we know so far about Elon Musk’s electric pick-up, a car that was presented in 2019 and took 4 years to reach the first buyers.

Although it was presented at the end of 2019, the truth is that not all features and specifications of the Tesla Cybertruck has been confirmed so far. And the first delivery to customers will take place tomorrow, November 30, or in other words, 4 years after its unveiling – here are the reasons why the Cybertruck took so long.

As I told you, the Cybertruck is surrounded by a mystery that prevents us from knowing all the details of the Cybertruck. Elon Musk’s electric pick-up. Details such as the price, the power of its operating system, the battery capacity or the official autonomy remain a mystery, so we will tell you what we know about the model so you can get all the information .


This is everything we know about the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Pick-Up

To begin with, the Tesla Cybertruck was presented in November 2019 with the promise of Elon Musk that the first units will arrive at the end of 2021. However, frequent delays These preliminary predictions take us to the end of 2023 without any electric pick-up reaching more than 1.9 million customers who have reserved it so far.

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However, returning to the technical characteristics of Cybertruck, according to the information shared by MotorTrend Citing a Tesla dealer in San Diego (California), the American company’s electric pick-up has an empty weight that varies. between 3.1 and 3.6 tons depending on the configuration of the propulsion system.

As in steps Externally, the van is a full-size vehicle with a body length of 5.8 meters, width of 2 meters and height of 1.9 meters. In addition, it is based on a platform with a 3.8 meter wheelbase.

At the same time, the Cybertruck is a pickup truck with a large rear cargo bed that will offer up to 1,100 kilos load capacity with a towing capacity to go up to 5,000 kilos which makes this last fact truly astonishing.

Motors, batteries and autonomy

We also know that the Tesla Cybertruck will initially come with two powertrain options. On the one hand, a configuration of two electric motors and, on the other hand, a version with three machines. They all have four wheel drives. In addition, in the future a third option should be added to single engine and rear wheel drive as a model to access the range.

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from battery We have not found a single reliable piece of information about it, but reports suggest autonomy of between 400 and 800 kilometers per charge, which is a fairly wide range suggesting that the electric pick-up can be used with more than one battery option depending on the propulsion system.

In addition, these batteries must have a high energy capacity to reach these numbers of autonomy per charge by moving a high-power vehicle with a weight of more than 3 tons which, in turn , can tow another 5 tons. This is why Tesla needs to offer a better fast charging system available in their current production models.

Another piece of information we recently learned about the Tesla Cybertruck is that it will come equipped adaptive air suspension with road and off-road modes.

At the same time, someone is talking about a exoskeleton “Ultra-hard stainless steel” as a chassis, although the truth is that the Cybertruck is built like a unibody car a fairly common configuration in the modern car industry.

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Production and price

The Tesla Cybertruck will be assembled at the factory that Elon Musk’s company is located in Austin (Texas, United States) and it is not yet completely clear in which markets it will be offered outside the borders of the US. Indeed, We don’t know if it will finally come to Spain where, in addition, you need to have a truck driver’s license to drive it due to its size and weight.

And about prices Elon Musk announced in 2019, during the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck, that the electric pick-up will be available from $40,000.

Now, with inflation that we have experienced in recent years and the difficulties that Tesla has had in assembling the model, it is hard to believe that it has this sales price when its biggest rival, the Ford F-150 Lightning, is available from $49,995 in the United States. .

Currently, the company is gathering a 5 year waiting list to deliver all reserved Cybertrucks (with a refundable reservation of $100) in excess of 1.9 million customers up to date.