Tesla is testing the Cybertruck in the seas after Elon Musk’s latest boast

Tesla is testing the Cybertruck in the seas after Elon Musk's latest boast

Tesla is somewhat reminiscent of Apple. Their products are good, no doubt about that. But sometimes their marketing goes beyond their products. For better and for worse. Elon Musk’s latest boast has to do with the possibility of using the Tesla Cybertruck as a boat to cross a lake. It seems like a joke, until the Tesla Cybertruck appeared in sea trials.

Elon Musk said it, but…

The normal thing is that when the CEO of a company says that there is a specific goal within the company, it is considered a fact. But with Elon Musk things are not like that. Although there is a lot of talk about using Teslas as ships, this is something that seems impossible. In fact, putting any Tesla car in water means voiding the warranty.

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But, last year Elon Musk said that the Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve as a boat, crossing rivers, lakes and some oceans. In fact, the goal is to cross the 360 ​​meters that separate SpaceX’s Starbase from South Padre Island in Texas.

Tesla Is Testing The Cybertruck In The Seas After Elon Musk'S Latest Boast

Tesla Cybertruck can be found in the ocean

In the ocean, but not traveling in the Pacific, because in fact the Tesla Cybertruck appeared in tests in the Gulf of Mexico, on the coast … and even if it is in the water, it is small, because it works due to contact with land.

A priori, these tests will serve to try to see the resistance of the new and futuristic Tesla car.

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What is not clear is If this is another way to promote the Tesla Cybertruck or if the goal is to convert the electric car brand truck into a type of amphibious vehicle.

Tesla Is Testing The Cybertruck In The Seas After Elon Musk'S Latest Boast

Difficulties for the Tesla Cybertruck to move through water

Is it possible that the Tesla Cybertruck will float? Yes. Couldn’t this be a car that can move on water? also. If there is one thing known about water and especially about sea water, it is the great power of oxidation and corrosion.

And the Tesla Cybertruck is right stands for aluminum body and steel components two materials that suffer a lot if the car goes through water, especially when it comes to salt water.

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However, there is no doubt about the ability of Elon Musk and Tesla to make their new vehicles prominent and continue to be a reference even if they have not yet reached the market.