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Tesla mega factories; two grains of salt

After a long fourteen-month negotiation, and in the final draft, a dispute arose about whether Monterrey was a suitable location for the installation of large Tesla factories. In the last business, the exchange was so crude that the arrival of that investment seemed to be in jeopardy.

Finally, it is not quite clear if he really put himself in danger or belonged to the last points of the negotiation, a display of power or perhaps subject to the question of how the coins of the negotiation were distributed, the final authority. and who would be in the photo with the global businessman of the time.

With these issues resolved, it has already been announced that Tesla will invest around 5 billion dollars in a mega battery and electric car factory in Monterrey.

This involves the creation of some 6,000 direct jobs and it is not known for sure how many indirect jobs there are in services and, much larger, how many in supply inputs. It can be roughly calculated that each job will require an investment of one million dollars.

For the secondary is unknown; Typically, industrial workers go out to eat fries at a walking stand, which is one of the many subsidies that the informal sector provides to formal employment. Let’s see if this is different. They also do not paint 6,000 well-paying jobs in the national economy.

Tesla is more of a symbol than a game coin, except with other elements.

Great as a store in the unknown.

The mega factory in Mexico will be part of a network of other Tesla factories in the United States, Germany and China. Where in the next two countries factories have their own problems.

In Germany, Tesla is experiencing significant losses due to the increase in energy costs and supplies derived from the war in Ukraine.

Germany has lost much of its charm through competition, as a manufacturer and market. In China there have been suspensions of work due to the great wave of the pandemic, which has now been overcome, but the risks associated with the growing distrust with which the US government views its technological and industrial development, which has come to the fore. the power of the planet in two decades. Or before the partnership with Russia.

Changes in the world have given Mexico some of the unexpected benefits: the large subsidies that the Biden administration provides to the production of advanced and environmentally sustainable technologies are favoring the restoration of certain segments in the United States, which can be supplied with cheap Mexican labor. Tesla may now have global supplies.

Ideally, Tesla was establishing itself in Mexico as part of an industrial plan aimed at developing the national food supply. But that doesn’t seem to matter. So far, everything seems worthy of celebration.

Let’s celebrate the arrival of Tesla in Monterrey! Now, at the risk of increasing enthusiasm, a deeper look, which encompasses a wider panorama, shows that two dangers are involved. One for the country, the other for the world. The new workshop is not an isolated event; It is a sign of global geostrategic building and attracting more investment to the country.

It is good, but for the moment it is dominated by the arrival of speculative capital attracted by the high interest rates determined by the Bank of Mexico. A spiral is created in which the arrival of this capital makes the peso more expensive, favoring speculative investment, and this in turn attracts more capital. The Tesla factory is a big draw because of the attractiveness of the region and the investment in its currency.

The first grain of salt is that when the dollar becomes cheaper and therefore imports, it plays against internal production. Compete with cheaper imports while conventional exports lose competitiveness.

Those who receive dollars from relatives in the United States also lack the precious peso; while the banks and the proprietors of the city rose up in Augustus with the greatest things of the summer, at the expense of the government and of individuals. Adjustments to economic policy are required to take advantage of the advent of productive investment and to deter the negative effects of economic speculation.

Tesla is announcing a global geopolitical restructuring and the possibility of abandoning the economic model that has prevailed for 40 years. But seizing opportunity does not allow you to be drawn into the current, but forces you to be in charge: financial rivalry; industrial policy; tax reform and economic growth a dual strategy.

This is to stop sacrificing traditional production, often informal, for imported globalization. Otherwise, change that comes from the outside can increase inequality, the north-south distance and socio-political instability.

The second grain of salt is that it does not change the manufacture of electric cars, but it makes it easier for the consumer to destroy the consumption model with the planet. We have to think about cities, especially in North America, which are characterized by many suburbs, where everything is far away. He needs a car to go to work, school, market, pharmacy, hotel, restaurant or bar, theater or cinema, gym.

The aspiration of all to live in the fields surrounded but with comforts in individual cars in the face of disasters caused by climate change. With the conventional internal combustion car, a privileged sector of humanity is exhausting the ability to continue using fossil fuels, which drive global warming.

We are in danger that now the minority with electric cars will exhaust the existence of rare metals, lithium, and even the most common ones like copper and aluminum, because every time we have to dig deeper and have more to clean the minerals for the use of madness. continue with the pattern of urban mobility and inequitable consumption that will leave many behind and our grandchildren without resources.

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