Tesla’s latest update adds a scream to the goat

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Thursday, Tesla has officially announced the details of the 2023 Christmas update. In typical Tesla fashion, this update includes a mix of performance improvements along with, say, something else. capricious.

If you dream of that your Tesla will shut down to the sound of a goat screeching, you are lucky. That ability will be added to custom shutdown sounds in this holiday update. Another notable addition is support for the Apple Podcast app, significant because Tesla does not allow the use of Apple CarPlay because it prefers its own software to be used. So this app is the first CarPlay app to appear in the Tesla multimedia system.

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Other fun additions include a new light game called ‘The Arrival’. The Castle Doombad game can be used as a novelty in the integrated game console, and within it the games Beach Buggy, Polytopia and Vampire Survivors will receive updates and can be played on the touch screen on the back. Another improvement for rear passengers is the ability to use Bluetooth headphones with the rear display.

Many practical functions are also included. For example, The navigator screen will show speed cameras, stop signs and traffic lights. If your Tesla is involved in an accident that causes the airbags to deploy, it will automatically call emergency services. The High Fidelity Park Assist function will provide a 3D view of the car’s surroundings while we park. The blind spot cameras will also receive improvements, and will now warn with a red shading if you turn on your turn signal while detecting another vehicle in the blind spot.

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The Tesla app also fixes the multiple cameras in sentry mode. The left and right pillars are now available in this mode, giving a total of seven different viewing angles. Also, the route planner now allows you to plan a route with multiple stops and send it to the car.

More than the notification that the update ready next week, there is no specific release date, so Tesla owners would do well to watch out for it. It’s not every day you get the chance to turn your car into a screaming goat.

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