TEV sentences Coatzintla mayor for political sexual violence

TEV sentences Coatzintla mayor for political sexual violence

Xalapa, Ver., 31 January, 2024.- The municipal president of Kotzintla, Caesar Ulises Garcia Vazakvez, was sentenced by the Election Court of Verakruz to commit political sexual violence against the trustee of the said city council. Eunice Garcia Garcia.

He will remain on the list of gender violators of the Organization for Public Local Elections (OPLE) and INE for 2 years.

It should be remembered that in 2022 the victim challenged the election authority because the municipal president had sexually harassed her, a situation for which she filed a lawsuit before the competent authority; However, his case was unsuccessful at that time.

As an act of retaliation, from that date the municipality initiated a series of actions against the trustee, such as removing his legal representation from the city council, not sharing account details with him and undermining his work by not signing documents. to do.

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Trustee Eunice García specified that the council calls to undermine her functions as municipal representative were delivered to her without complete information, nor without the corresponding attachments.

For this reason, she decided to sue again, but now under the file TEV-JDC-133/2023 for political gender violence and the file TEV-JDC-89/2023 and its accumulated TEV-JDC/ For the labor crowd. 98/2023, however, after presenting the necessary evidence to corroborate the complaint, the Court ruled in favor of the liquidator.

The Electoral Court determined that the mayor repeatedly violated Eunice García, first by refusing to give her information by not allowing her participation in council sessions to be recorded and second by knowingly falsely responding to her requests for information and findings. Inferred that he was undermining her performance as a woman. Public office, for which she had to face political gender violence.

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In view of this, the mayor will remain on the list of gender violators of the Public Local Electoral Organization of Veracruz (OPLE) and the National Electoral Institute (INE) for two years.

It should be noted that it has been proven that several public servants of the Coatzintla Municipal Council in the areas of Treasury, Comptroller, Public Works, Councillors, Secretary and Mayor were engaged in workplace mobbing (workplace harassment) against the Coatzintla Trustee.

The Electoral Court of Veracruz ordered that the Comptroller’s Office of the City Council be consulted in order to open an investigation into the harassment carried out in the workplace against Eunice García García, in addition it indicated various measures to ensure that the official adequately performs his position. Can.

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The court’s judgment came in favor of the trustee on January 22 and is one of the first judgments in favor of an overcrowding victim in the state. The Mayor has already been informed by the concerned authority about the proposal against him.