Tevez after another dark night: ‘I’m not going to get off the ship’

Tevez after another dark night: 'I'm not going to get off the ship'

had to live another dark day Carlos Tevez as the coach of central rosary: Despite the fact that he made five changes and sent several players to the reserve, His team lost again (it was a 3–1 loss against Tigre in Victoria).Adds to his third consecutive defeat, his team ranked 22nd, Chapa Retegui, who surprisingly let down the Apache coaching staff when he handled the rookie—a witness from the stands, and had just left him at the top. given that Argentina Cup… complex scenario.

After an unexpected elimination against Quilms for the Argentine Cup, Tevez cleaned the premises and brought down five professional players to practice with the reserve by German Rivarola. Luciano Ferreira, Gustavo Velázquez, Fernando Torrent, Michael Covia and Nazareno Romero are the ones who train with the youth.

Chapa Retegui’s Celebration

And Central’s great hangman was Matteo Retegui, the top scorer in the Professional League, having scored twice before his eyes. Chapa, his father, who was in the audience, and who was part of Carlitos’ coaching staff and other work commitments left surprisingly. with city government.

rogue is in free fall And no sign of improvement was seen. There were too many mistakes for a team that needed to fly. Retegui & Co. He uncovers all the problems the team has to solve, which has yet to find a horizon.

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what he said at the conference

analysis: “We did well in the first half. It’s difficult when they score a goal in 30 seconds. It’s something we didn’t expect. We have to keep improving. One result can’t change what we’re looking for. We have to keep growing. It’s clear to me. I’m responsible when it loses. I liked the first half, but I think we made mistakes where we had to cut things. These teams don’t forgive you does.”

* “What do I want to improve? That they don’t score a goal after 30 seconds. We have to keep improving, the path we’re building on. These things happen, but with the conviction of a willingness to play Press , and look for a style, we can’t change anything.

Youth Inclusion: “It’s a project that’s coming up. Because of that, it can’t stain what we’re doing. Boys have a field, they know how we train. It’s important. We have boys. Have four training sessions with him. Saw another team. I live with him. The boys have to play, I’m responsible. Not them. I bank them. If there’s a problem, let them make me responsible. I keep them in because I see a great future in them and I’m going to help them make the best of it for Central. I have an idea and they brought me in for a project with the youth. This change It’s time to do. People or leadership will decide. I trust totally, boys have potential, we are on the right track. I see the attitude. When they understand the idea of ​​the game, with their will and courage , we will be able to play good games. Once we adapt to this, we will move on better. We have to support and support them. I knew I told myself I am taking I am confident about what I have and what lies ahead.”

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Wounded and unfavorable moments: “Many of those who arrived did not recover, they are not physically well. Nacho got injured, Candia too. We are many injured. It’s not easy either. I don’t make excuses. You have to have time and patience. Must, it’s what. I’m honest. I’m totally with this team, I’m not going to boat to leave it alone. First the boys and then the leaders of this group. That’s what we have”.

Copa Argentina and the elimination of consumable players: “I felt really bad because we didn’t do anything right about what we were doing. We didn’t do anything. The things I told them about the players are my responsibility. . It’s just football. I thanked them because they were always predetermined. We only have the local tournament, we have to make decisions. We have to think about the next year, think about the preparation and build. We were left out of the Copa Argentina, this It was tough. The boys I’m not going to pay attention to are not your responsibility, but mine.”

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* “The objective is to enter a cup. Without going crazy. First we have to understand the style of the game and support the boys in this project, which is what we want next year”.

Tigre’s Goals – Central


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