that something is still in dispute

Sergio Massa is an outstanding professional politician, extremely ambitious and with all the edge that is inherent in that adjective.

Porta, among the potentially positive people who vie for power, what if he just proved he hadDangerous even in that her pragmatism leads her to a lack of scrutiny (this isn’t necessary to emphasize the journey through her career, which in these hours re-emphasizes right and left) was spotted).

In any case, should the focus of the debate go from the personality of his personality or the context that brought him here?

These are moments of extremely high emotional intensity in small hyper-political circuits. It is a matter of those who decide what is cooked and, above all, of those who make up the world of “special” opinion makers. Or of networks and forums. Or a conversation of coffee and entrecasa that retains some passion or political concern.

It is also in this way that the final sentences are, in essence, passed on to the voters of the Front of All. (Those who were out of conviction; out of renunciation; to see what would happen because Christina was in the middle; or, quite the opposite, because Christina had decided to “run”, employing a moderate who was a The image was able to control the “populist stupidity”.

There, in a mix of those and those of others, one reads and hears among so many phraseology with a similar direction—that now Peronism is over and Kirchnerism as a leftist version of it so much. That was directly received by the embassy man. where is christina? How can it be that Christina has bombed Alberto for overpowering Massa. That Christina would do something not to allow certain betrayal, and she would never make an anti-popular adjustment, even temporarily. That it remains only to wait for people to take to the streets or raise similar slogans.

With more or less effort everything is understandable, but From there there is too much distance to justify emotional outbursts.

The distance between the absolute extremes about the potential for profound changes in the meaning of the FDT was demonstrated, and The really current reality is that neoliberalism has captured all the tools of the workings of the economy and the creation of the collective imagination. Its corporations, its media, its judges and its amounts to destroy almost any attempt to revolt.

Faced with this, what can one imagine Christina framing the gathering of the Coalition as the undisputed leader of the most fierce minority of the popular region?

It is possible that (it was) thought of a gradual reactivation of the internal market devastated by Macrosmo, redrawing some distributive justice. Not much.

It is clear that there was never an elaborate political programme. Not just a “ready” platform. On top of that, the pandemic struck three months after taking office and had to resort to emergency slaps.

To those who speak today that the electoral contract was violated: Where is that contract? Where was it written or promised that it would break with the IMF, or that radical measures would be taken? Poetry enough, one might say: the only clear contract was to get rid of Macri.

This is the framework under which it was known from the outset that the agreement included loss Fernandez. To Massa. And only a little less than how many toads it would take to swallow it.

And under which it was “contracted” that Martin Guzmán would be Minister of Public and Private External Debt. Economy is not the same. No internal economy.

The point is, it was best settled and could well be said to have been done, as those loans were liquidated by 2025/2026, knowing they would have to be renegotiated sooner or later. have to do, Because according to IMF spokespersons, the agreement is incomplete because of the superiority left by Macri. He acknowledged that Trump’s order was specifically aimed at re-elected Macri.

The Front of All’s operational dramas, after its defeat in the elections in 2021, included a gradual and non-stop pulling themselves out of personal resentment. And finally an explanation of how to show greater authority in the secondary aspects.

One hundred times, to repeat ad nauseam as above, He expressed surprise at how severe the ideological differences were between the internal lines of the FDT, not the forms.

And today it is revealed that Massa is the prime minister; or the de facto alternate president; or the last silver or copper bullet; or “Savior”; or the already common place you want, With the support of Christina. with the support of the governors. With clear albeit still reflective adherence to institutional “Tough Kirchnerism” areas. Everyone knows that the abyss was hovering forever. Everyone replies that currency running should be stopped as an absolute priority.

Was it necessary to immerse oneself in this covenant of contradictions, deep down which were never elementary, including the bastardization of the figure of Sylvina Batakis, who was able to carry the team on her shoulder, again in Washington Convinced to negotiate that she represented all ruling tribes and was returning displaced?

In this way, he has stopped playing idols and turned to chess.

If it is by estimation, butter is to be thrown on the roof.

for example 1, Massa, before the interests of the United States, is a more sustainable project than McCree and any of his soldiers, As it was demonstrated in its failure as a right-wing, which guarantees nothing in the form of consolidation in the exercise of formal power.

For example 2: so unbelievable Because Peronism or Christina has a huge institutional, and/or street, and/or union veto capacity on all kinds of (more) gross adjustments in the distribution bid.

For example 3: wart is more or less reliable Because, even if an exchange rate reform that rebalances reserves succeeds, runaway inflation will leave no room to contain an overflow from the bottom, driven by what?

For example 4: Massa relies on the middle class resuming favorable expectations, Because there is no prospect of 2001 below, nor in the financial system and on the left, understanding such social movements divided into many pieces, Ability can be resistance but never aggressive.

For example 5: Massa gambles that the corporate establishment doesn’t turn him around, and he “rests” on it because the power distrusts the conductive abilities of changemites that are also a jerk.

The list would go on, but it always leads to things that, through truism, can go well or very badly.

If it is the first, then the government comes competitive in 2023 (the “government” is interpreted as something other than falling into the old authority of Laretta).

If it is the latter, it is difficult to move to anything other than a Legislative Assembly with early elections.

That’s exactly what was avoided with/with warts.

Do you have epic? not even close.

Does this make practical sense? Yes.

The following is far from being an originality. And not just because some of the club’s colleagues have already pointed it out, “wart thing” It’s hard to digest (symbolize that he’s a lukewarm producer in a moderate or ultra-powerful actions as a result of the mediocrity of being governed by shooting himself in the foot so far).

Let’s understand a second, if at all possible: Macri’s pandemic was known, as was the tragic debt with the fund. But not virus and war. From there, there was a horrific onslaught of equally proportioned authority and own faults/horrors.

Under that point, it should be clear that Front of All’s worst government, or whatever it’s called, or whatever the election is called, is going to stay that far better than the band’s best. can provide clear rights.

As synthesized by Alfredo Zait in this Sunday’s article, Christina is a pragmatist rather than a dogma.

And it is Christina, except the forgetful ones, who are reading what is happening conveniently for their comfort with fabulous phrases, who asked the Pope not to be more sinful.

And if Christina herself isn’t enough for them, You have to take a look at lvaro García Linera: This second round of progressivism in the region (Boric, Petro, Ars; Venezuela Tern And, god, Lula), has the central component of knowing how to defend oneself, while renewing circumstances that allow for more change in people’s favor.

“enough”, Today’s epic is that there is still some controversy while keeping the government.

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