That’s why many women are sitting with their feet apart for the First Lady

That's why many women are sitting with their feet apart for the First Lady
Olena Zelenska, wife of the President of Ukraine, on the cover of Vogue.

Vogue Cover/Annie Leibovitz

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Selenska’s “Vogue” cover triggered criticism in Western countries. Now more and more women are showing solidarity with him on Instagram.

The cover of the fashion magazine “Vogue”, which will be published in the print edition in October, has been heavily criticized in some respects. This includes Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska, wife of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Dressed in black and white, she sits on a ladder in front of a sandbag and looks at the camera. The picture was taken by American star photographer Annie Leibovitz.

In the article, Selenska speaks of the tensions of the past few months and her conviction that her homeland will win the war. Actually, she is a reserved person and does not seek out the public. However, the war changed that.

first lady pose

In response to the negative criticism, Ukrainian journalist Zoya Zwynyatsckivska created the hashtag #SitLikeAGirl. He encouraged other women to strike in the same posture in support of the first lady.

Lo and behold: these days, more and more women in Ukraine – but also around the world – are showing solidarity in protesting against Olena Selenska’s picketing.

#SitLikeAGirl is trending on social media. Women copy the cover “Vogue”, which was made in the presidential palace in the middle of the war in Kyiv.

Ukrainian police officers, artists, journalists and players from Ukrainian women’s football club FC Kryvbass joined the trend.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz also showed solidarity with Selenska: she published a photo in her Instagram story.

We’re still here, don’t forget us

“Many Ukrainian women were puzzled by society’s attempts to decide what posture women should adopt,” Zoya Zvinyatskievska told the Kyiv Post.

Journalists and their worldwide supporters want #sitlikeagirl to be treated as a feminist statement.

They will acknowledge this—in the true sense of the word—the wide-legged attitude with which some men claim space in a public place, writes “Tges-Anzieger.” “For example, when they sit on a train or bus with such an extension that they fill up one and a half seats; This behavior is called ‘manspreading’ in jargon.”

With their actions, activists and sympathizers seek to expose misogynistic stereotypes and replace them in public space.

But the wide-legged pose is also attention-grabbing. Ukrainian women want to remind the world:

We are still here, don’t forget us.

Zelensky’s wife Zelenska: a role model for Ukrainian women

President Selenskij praised his wife Olena Selenska’s handling of the war of Russian aggression: “I believe she plays a very important role for our families and women.”



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