The 10 best-selling SUVs in November 2023


According to the results of the sale of light vehicles presented by INEGI and revealed by AMIA and AMDA, during the eleventh month of the year, they sold 128,961 units.

Nissan is the brand with the highest market share with 17.8%, followed by Ford Motor Company, which has 13.5% of the market, and Volkswagen Group, which is in third place with 11.1%.

The best-selling car is the Nissan Versa, with 7,800 units. But if you want to know what the top 10 best-selling SUVs and crossovers look like in November, we present them below:

toward model Units gathered
1 Toyota RAV4 2,161 13,579
2 Mazda CX-5 1,889 10,630
3 KIA Seltos 1,820 18,310
4 Volkswagen Taos 1,776 17,283
5 Nissan Kicks 1,715 16,864
6 Hyundai Creta 1,641 14,890
7 Nissan X-Trail 1,516 10,986
8 Chevrolet Groove 1,483 13,643
9 Honda CR-V 1,442 11,108
10 Chevrolet Captiva 1,425 15,423
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If we compare this ranking against last month, we can see that the Mazda CX-30 left the count, so the Nissan X-Trail will replace it. next month??

The 10 Best-Selling Suvs In November 2023

Regarding the production data we need during the In November, a total of 329,415 vehicles were produced in Mexico, while 281,298 units were exported.