The 15 cheapest Chinese cars we can buy today in Spain

MG ZS Gallery

Chinese cars are here to stay and, moreover, many are betting on occupying the cheaper access steps left by some manufacturers. The offer has become wider and more diverse, but it is 15 cheapest Chinese cars we can buy today in Spain.

MG ZS: 13.990 euros

Mg Zs Gallery

The best-selling car in Spain for a reason: it is a compact SUV at the price of a low-end model, which means that no other model on the market can overshadow it in this regard. It can mount 106 and 111 HP gasoline engines.

Invicta 2DS: 15,500 euros

Invicta Electric 2Ds

The two-seater can be confused at first glance with a microcar, but no, it falls into the category of cars. Of course, it has many versions and the one that is very cheap is the Junior, with a power of 12 kW, reaches up to 85 km / h and has a range of about 120 km.

DFSK 500: 16.996 euros

Dfsk 500 On The Back

The access model DFSKa 4.38 meter long SUV that is only available with a 106 HP gasoline engine, but can also be bifuel and get the ECO label from the DGT.

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MG 4: 18,480 euros

Mg 4 Electricity

The compact electric MG has a sharp shape at the front, while the rear is more practical. It has versions from 204 HP power, which goes up to 435 HP and others with up to 711 km of autonomy.

DR 3.0: 18.900 euros

Dr 3.0

One of the cheapest options in the small SUV market, equipped with a 1.5 106 HP gasoline engine that, as is common with all the company’s models (except electric), can also be bifuel with LPG .

DR 4.0: 19.900 euros

Dr. 4

Just at the top of the range, already in the territory of compact SUVs and with a proposal very similar to his younger brother: only a gasoline engine, in this case a 1.6 with 115 HP, which can also be converted to LPG.

DR 5.0: 21.900 euros

Dr 5

On the same side as his brother, but with a slightly larger size, a more athletic body and a slightly sporty style thanks to features such as the aggressive front grille. However, under the hood there is the same 116 HP engine with the possibility of being bifuel.

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MG HS: 23,440 euros

Mg Hs 2024 Gallery

and Medium SUV with a family aesthetic without fun, which is only available with a 162 HP gasoline engine and allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds.

MG ZS EV: 22,480 euros

Mg Zs Ev Gallery

The electric version of the SUV does not have the same sales as the gasoline version, but it is still a very cheap option to achieve zero emissions. Available in 156 and 177 HP, it has up to 440 kilometers of autonomy

SWM G01: 22.895 euros

Swm G01 F

This compact SUV follows the approach of the other models on the list, which is only offered with a gasoline engine, which delivers 131 HP, but can also be prepared from the factory to run on LPG.

MG 5: 25,280 euros

Mg 5 Electric

Within the MG range, the only model with a station wagon style body. It is fully electric, has versions of 156 and 177 HP, ranges of up to 400 km and its trunk has a capacity of up to 1,367 liters.

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DFSK 580: 25.195 euros

Dfsk 580

This is a The SUV is big (4.68 meters) with an interior capacity of up to seven passengers. It can only be fitted with a 146 HP 1.5 turbo petrol block, although it can be converted to LPG from the factory.

MG HS Plug-In Hybrid: 25,440 euros

Mg Hs 2024 Gallery

Is he cheapest plug-in hybrid in the market today. It produces a power of 258 HP, has a 16.6 kWh battery capacity and has a 52 km electric range.

DR 1.0 EV: 25.900 euros

Dr 1.0

An electric urbanite with very small dimensions, but despite this it has a four-seater interior configuration. Equipped with a 31 kWh capacity battery, it has a range of up to 294 km.

DFSK F5: 29.695 euros

Dfsk F5

This is the most dynamic cutting model of the Chinese brand, with a high drop on the roof that gives it a little dynamism. In terms of performance, not much, because under the hood there is a 137 HP engine that, like its brothers, can also be bifuel.