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The 2022 trends are ready to spice up your sex life

Where once it used to be that masturbation and sex conversations were quieter, with only your closest girlfriends around you, sex in 2022 is something that should be celebrated. As many of us emerge from months spent in lockdown, where we find ourselves re-evaluating not only our lifestyles but the things that are important to our well-being and sense of self, it should come as no surprise that sex emerged as a priority. Sex is not only intrinsic to our own emotional and physical well-being, but it contributes to self-esteem, an overall sense of well-being and can also help relieve pain.

Like anything in your life, a healthy sex life requires investment. Whether you’re single, dating or have a long-term partner, investing in your sexual health has never been easier thanks to new technology and innovations. Now, Lavahani has conducted extensive research to document the hottest trends in sexual wellness that will shape the year ahead.

The company’s Sex Trends Report gathers insights into sexual wellness from some of Australia’s (and the world’s) biggest names, starting interesting conversations along the way. From ethical non-monogamy, to pain relief and masturbation, these are the new trends ready to kick you out of the bedroom as you explore your desires and body in new ways. As Johanna Reif, Head of Sexual Empowerment at LoveHoney Group, explains: “After a pandemic restrictions-ridden 2021, the world moves towards a partial reopening with some important lessons. The liberalization of society has accelerated only as a constructive solution to the problem of social distancing. While being isolated was important for public health, maintaining our physical and sexual health became a challenge, with masturbation and self-love as a top priority for many. ,

As Reef says, the trends identified in the Lavhani Group report are expected to be even larger in 2022. “We hope that our findings, based on our ongoing research and attention to the sexual wellness market, may help more people think about sexuality. New ways and, in particular, more for mankind (and better) bring orgasms!”

Sex Duration

a comprehensive understanding of relationships

A major trend that is set to emerge this year is the expansion of our understanding of relationships beyond just monotony and traditional boundaries. After a recent YouGov survey of more than 1,300 adults in the United States predicted an increase in moralistic non-monogamous marriages, nearly a third classified their ideal relationships as non-monogamous to some degree. According to experts, ethical non-marriage (ENM) is an umbrella term for various arrangements, including polyandry, swing or open marriages. As more and more couples adopt a more liberal and diverse relationship structure, these practices are becoming more mainstream.

As Abby Moss, sex and relationship journalist, explains: “Anomalous perceptions about sex, as sex” counts, about (and about time too!) the relationship, to be explored sexually. Too much mental freedom. Seeing sex fundamentally as a thing, pleasure, we can begin to overcome shame about sex too!”

Sex Trends 2

masturbation for pain relief

With many of us in lockdown during the pandemic, masturbation came to be seen as a priority in our sexual health and self-care routines. Increasingly, masturbation is seen as an important part of everyone’s self-care routine due to its many health benefits, including stress relief, the release of feel-good hormones, and the pain-relieving properties of endorphins. that are issued. orgasm

A clinical study in 2021 by Ananda brand Womanizer Collar Menstruation (menstruation + masturbation) examined whether masturbation could help against menstrual pain, the results of which found that 90 percent of those surveyed Would recommend masturbation to deal with menstrual pain. 70 percent of respondents said that regular masturbation has a long-lasting effect on achieving less pain intensity during periods.

In terms of period pain, the Pleasure Air technology by Womanizer was different from other sex toys and pleasure devices, as it was seen to provide greater external clitoral stimulation via air waves which was particularly useful during periods. Maybe.

eco-friendly sexual wellness

In 2022, living sustainably and being environmentally conscious is a top priority, something that is also reflected in the sex toys we buy. According to research firm Technavio, The Global Organic Feminine Care Market is expected to grow at US$770.61 million between 2020-2024. Consumers are certainly driving the trend, demanding more transparency from products and their manufacturing.

Thankfully, Lovehni Group is talking about the trend, with new product lines that include neither animal ingredients nor animal by-products, while also not including the use of animals in the manufacturing process. Womanizer has also developed the world’s first eco-friendly and biodegradable Pleasure Air Toy, called “Premium Eco,” which is made from Bioline – a bioplastic made from 70 percent corn starch and other natural materials that will be ultimately responsible for can be dealt with. Life span.

As sexologist and relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly suggests, “For many people, environmentally conscious sex involves choosing toys that are rechargeable and made from high-quality materials that last for years.” Just as consumers are becoming more aware of manufacturing processes and the environmental impact when shopping for clothing, we are also seeking environmental responsibility and sustainability for our sex toys and menstrual products .

O’Reilly says: “It makes sense that consumers want to know what else we’re putting into our bodies. When it comes to beauty products we look at the ingredients, so the focus is on the ingredients in our sex toys. Giving is a natural extension of this practice. We want to know what a product is made of, so that we can decide whether it is a good fit for our body, lifestyle and principles.”

Sex Trends 1

wearable sextech

As sexual health is viewed as an important part of our overall well-being, self-pleasure is coming to the fore in our lives and there are now tools to help us make it a priority. There is now a growing number of products designed for use on the go, breaking the boundaries of more traditional self-pleasure environments.

Wearable sextech looks beyond masturbation, comes to view self-pleasure as an act of wellness that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere in the form of teasing and pleasurable sensations, including the need to masturbate or ejaculate May have stress relieving properties. Consider an app like V-Connect, which allows We-Vibe toy users to pair and control their favorite products to their smartphones. The app allows partners to control each other’s toys, even when they are not in the same place.

access to sexual wellness

While sexual well-being is a human experience that can enrich satisfaction and overall well-being, social stereotypes and prejudice have led societies to openly explore, express, and discuss their desires, wants, and specific needs when it comes to sexual pleasure. Some groups are wrongly excluded. For people with disabilities, overcoming physical and emotional barriers can be particularly challenging when it comes to sex-confidence and is an area that many find difficult to discuss with health practitioners or family. Thankfully, sextech innovators want to change that and set a new standard for inclusive intimacy.

According to Royal Rehab Sexuality Service team leader and psychosexual therapist and social worker Candice Care-Unger, “There is a sex-positive movement in society and people with disabilities are going to benefit! Seen as natural and healthy for everyone, there will be more opportunities for people with disabilities to explore their sexuality – free of shame, taboo and barriers. Demand for years to come is fueling spectacular new advances in adaptive sex technology. These changes will not only address basic human rights, but with one in five disabled people, exciting product innovations make good business sense.”

Sex And Senses

rediscovering male happiness

Sex toys have long been targeted toward women rather than men, despite changes in the view of sexual well-being as a priority. Femtech has grown rapidly recently, with even celebrities entering the sex toy industry, although male pleasure has remained largely stagnant, with little to do with innovation or research. . Recently, a growing number of men have expressed interest in issues such as mental health and sexual wellness and as toxic masculinity becomes something to avoid and leave behind, it is becoming more modern and self-conscious when it comes to masturbation. Leaves room for mindset. and enjoy.

Archwave is a leading brand that wants to bring more innovation in that direction and in 2020, the company released the world’s first Pleasure Air Stroke, a patented technology that uses research into gender to create a stronger, female-like orgasmic experience in the male. does. Body. According to ArchWave, advances in materials such as Clean Teach silicone as well as human-centered designs will bring new possibilities and new male pleasure toys that will broaden the range of sexual pleasure that men can experience in 2022.

Sex Trends

AI and Space

As the space race continues, it brings with it a renewed interest in the gender of the future. With the rise of dating apps and connected sex devices, it appears that in the future we will rely largely on technology when it comes to sex, as we become more intimate with the devices. This has left many wondering what sexual wellness might look like in space itself, an area that had previously been overlooked.

According to Simon Dubey from Robotics, “Going forward, space agencies and the public that support them need to be reminded that approaching the questions of human sexuality from a positive, scientific, empathetic and inclusive perspective is essential for our health, wellbeing and success.” of our extraterrestrial life. In particular, they need to be reminded that: 1) sexual health is health, 2) sexual rights are human rights, 3) sexuality means diversity, 4) pleasure is fun more important, and 5) technology can help.”

cock ring

In a recent study by Thrifter that examined sexual desire and practices around the world, it found that the preferred sex toy in Australia (and countless other countries) is that of the cock ring. Research found that butt plugs and cock rings are the most popular sex toys, with 12 out of 30 countries preferring to use butt plugs in the bedroom, and 11 out of 30 countries choosing cock rings.

For more information and to buy Lavahani’s wide range of sex toys and other accessories for indoor and outdoor bedrooms, visit the official website here.

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