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The 5 Best Foods to Take Care of the Brain: They Provide ‘Good Fats’ and Lower Cholesterol

Your brain loves fat. how do you listen to it? It loves not only fat, but with water, it is most abundant ingredient in its structure, equal to 60%, It needs it to maintain and develop its functions. He holds it like Smeagol the One Ring, although he doesn’t use it for energy.

However, it can happen partial fat loss As a long-term consequence of a low-fat diet, that may affect its functions. This may sound like a misleading message, as one of the healthiest eating habits is to maintain a low-fat diet.

The ‘trap’ is that it refers to saturated and trans fats. They should not exceed the daily intake as recommended by the World Health Organization. 10% in case of saturatedAnd this trans. 1% in case of,

Not all fats are created equal, and the human brain is a gourmet for fatty acids that contain double bonds in chains of carbon atoms, so-called unsaturated, such as monounsaturated fat And this polyunsaturated,

In addition, this type of fat promotes LDL (bad) cholesterol reduction) in the body and on the side Raised HDL (good) cholesterolBeing the right fat for a healthy diet. It also uses cholesterol, although brain cells themselves are able to make it, there is usually no shortage of it.

“It’s important to know that different types of fat exist and what function they do in the body so that they don’t fall off. The mistake of compulsively abstaining from all kinds of fat“, says Concepcion Martinez, a dietitian and nutritionist. In fact, our ‘positive’ association with fat is an evolutionary advantage, supported by theories such as Debra Bolterb and Adrienne Zihlmann from the South African University of the Witwatersrand at the University of California.

As it turns out, human brain triples in size Thanks to the consumption of meat in relation to other primates, adaptations such as shortening of the colon and lengthening of the small intestine followed to better digest this food.

Fat, among other functions, acts as an insulator in the brain as if it were an electronic device. Neurons communicate through electrochemical impulses, and without insulated The brain would be as hot as a processor without thermal paste. That’s why it’s important to remember this biological supercomputer when choosing a daily diet.

blue fish

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) combine to form omega 3, one of the favorite fats of the brain and retina of the eye. In fact, it even stores it enviously because it is vital for its maintenance and on top of that the body is only able to produce 1% of the omega 3 that the brain requires.

The effect of a lack of this fat in the diet is such that some research indicates that a lack of omega-3s in neurons is one of the triggers of neurodegenerative diseases and depressive states. Some of these fish are tuna, mackerel, anchovies, salmon or trout.

Seeds, nuts and oily legumes

las Semolina (chia or sesame seeds)loss Dried fruits (such as walnuts or almonds) and some legumes (eg soy or chickpeas) They are also a source of omega 3. However, compared to what oily fish, algae and shellfish may contribute, these would only cover a small fraction of the total that the brain requires to function properly.

“Most adults have a metabolism that is unable to manufacture certain types of omega 3 from foods of plant origin,” warns Martinez.

extra pure olive oil

In particular, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil provides large amounts of polyphenols. These antioxidants help prevent neuron aging and cognitive decline. Olive oil loses many of its properties when exposed to high temperatures, so according to nutritionists it is better to use it in salads or as a condiment.

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