The 5 best used Renault cars to buy in Mexico in 2023 for 150,000 pesos or less

The 5 best used Renault cars to buy in Mexico in 2023 for 150,000 pesos or less

It’s 2023 Renault is is considered one of the most important brands of the automotive industry in our country, and this is mainly due to the fact that it has in its catalog the Cheapest car in Mexico He Renault Kwid 2023.

If you’re a consumer interested in models from other segments but have a reasonable budget, then you’ve come to the right place zero to 100 We present 5 to you Renault used cars that you can find for sale for less than 150,000 Mexican pesos.

Are you ready? We share them below.

The 5 best used Renault for less than 150,000 Mexican pesos

On the used market there are cars that have even been discontinued, but can be found at an excellent price and in ideal condition. The most outstanding specimens are presented in the following list:

  • Renault Clio 2007 – From 85,000 Mexican pesos
  • Renault Sandero 2011 – From 105,800 Mexican pesos
  • Renault Sandero 2011 – From 109,999 Mexican pesos
  • Renault Stepway 2014 – From 130,000 Mexican pesos
  • Renault Fluence 2012 – From 135,000 Mexican pesos
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Although the prices of Used Renault cars in Mexico It is relatively low, the truth is that you must consider that it is a used model and it will probably need some repairs later. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a “Piquito” within your budget.

It goes without saying that transactions of this type involve a certain degree of risk. We therefore recommend that you ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy person before completing the deal.

Never deposit or deliver cost of the car Before you can be 100% sure it’s not a scam, thousands of stories have come to light on social media in the last few weeks of stranger things lovers getting away with it.

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Bear in mind that there are reputable companies out there selling used cars you can contact them to find the model of your dreams.

And you, what a used car Renault Would you like to try it once in 2023? Let us know what you think on our social networks.


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