The 6 things people regret the most at the end of life, according to psychiatrist Enrique Rojas

The 6 things people regret the most at the end of life, according to psychiatrist Enrique Rojas

Enrique Rojas entered the world of emotions with his new book Understand your emotions (Espasa, 2023) – on sale this week -, a clear and accurate guide to recognize our feelings and thus have control and reach of emotional balance. she Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology and director of the Rojas-Estapé Institute of Psychiatry, recently received the Pasteur Prize from the European Competitiveness Association for his clinical career. One of the topics it addresses in its pages is thoughts and emotions that accompany us in the moment of death. As a psychiatrist, Rojas has been with many people in last moments of his life. Their experience gathers many important stories that provide us with information live better now what we still have time.

Why we don’t like to talk about death

“All philosophy is reflection on life; It takes time to understand this. We spend our lives thinking about tomorrow. And usually we are we forget that existence ends. Death is the great forgotten in today’s culture. It has disappeared from the mental landscape,” explained Enrique Rojas. However, he added, “when death is so close, you can’t look away, then the moment of truth arises and usually you have something special retrospective lighting son stellar moments where, whether you like it or not, we create accounts ourselves; It is often like a spotlight that reviews everything that happens to us from here to there.

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The 6 things people regret the most at the end of their lives

1. From living to working. “Most are those who regret having worked hard. From going through life with professional overload, from living to work, and, in star moments of absolute clarity, they feel that life is unbalanced, that there was a lack of balance between the various components of what a person’s existence should be,” explained the psychiatrist.

2. In bad weather unnecessary. “Another thing that many people suffer from is suffering from many issues and problems that are real They are not that important” he pointed out Enrique Rojas.

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3. If I don’t know how to enjoy life. “It has a wide spectrum: from not taking and being happy positive things in ordinary life in a kind of carpe diem (take the chance, let it go and enjoy it), by not planning free time for one and seek those satisfactions according to the hobbies one develops. Knowing how to rest is also an art. And, at the same time, being organized to give what comforts us the most in our free time, which is a way of describing ourselves,” said the expert.

4. If I hadn’t dedicated so much time to the family. “Now we see it often. In fact, the number of the father/mother is absent which is the one with almost nothing influence on the education of their children because there was no time and left this task in the hands of the mother / father, because the the profession absorbed him deeply and not yet psychological and emotional presence with his children”.

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5. When I don’t have the courage to do what I want to do and not others they expect me. “Deep down, it has a lot to do with daring to be yourself develop one’s own personality polishing and filing the edges and Bad points in the same way, with the help of those closest to him and, at the same time, work on the personal program previously designed, with clear goals and fought and fought to reach them,” Rojas explained.

6. If I hadn’t I would have had a stronger spirituality “that gives them answers to the big questions of life,” he pointed out.