The ace of hearts still refuses to reveal itself to the broad daylight

the ace of hearts still refuses to reveal itself to the broad daylight

Suspense continues to search for the ace of hearts in the Chaleur VTT Club, while the lucky and more than useful card still has not found a buyer

A jackpot worth $4.34 million was up for grabs Tuesday night during the draw held in the White Room of Petit-Rocher.

Drawing the 9 of diamonds card would still bring a consolation prize of $233,941 to Serge Duguay, who lives in Allardville, near Bathurst.

The winning person chooses envelope number 7, even though the card is in envelope number 5.

Charles LeBlanc, a resident of Val d’Amour won the honors of the November 21 draw and $ 224,376, getting the lucky ticket from the barrel of approximately 300,000 tickets after 9:00 pm

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Without much surprise, sales made last week once again broke a record and totaled $1,169,705.

The organizers of the popular lottery indicated that the expected jackpot of the December 5 draw should reach $4.7 million, an amount never seen before in the history of ace hunts held in New Brunswick and Atlantic. .

In December 2018, two Robertville residents won $4,055,602 during the Inkerman Ace Hunt, on the Acadian Peninsula.

There are 11 cards in the pack during the 42nd drawing that will be presented next Tuesday night in Petit-Rocher.

Tickets for the Club VTT Chaleur ace hunt are sold at various businesses on the Acadian Peninsula, Restigouche, in the Chaleur region and from beneficiary organizations.

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Profits from the lottery will be shared between the Chaleur ATV club, the Friends of Health organization, the Beresford, Petit-Rocher and Robertville senior citizens clubs and the Chaleur snowmobile club.

They must split an amount of money roughly equal to what the potential jackpot winner would pay.