The advanced Lotus charger will leave you fried

2023 Lotus Charger.  Loader image.

The Hethel Company has committed to becoming a 100% electric car company by 2028. But in addition to launching advanced electric vehicles on the market, Lotus also wants to show the whole world what it can do in the ecosystem of this type of car by launching its charger with technology and charging power that will impress you.

As you know, Lotus is one of the car companies integrated under the umbrella of the Chinese giant Geely, which, as you know, also has Smart, Polestar, Volvo, Zeekr, and Lynk & Co., to name just a few. But the British company managed to create this unique direct current charger that you have in front of you today, with a liquid cooling system and a basic specification to provide ultra-fast charging capabilities. – charge. Well, it promises to reach 450 kW.

The Lotus charger provides 450 kW of power

2023 Lotus Charger.  Loader Image.2023 Lotus Charger.  Loader Image.

To give you an idea of ​​what that means, let me tell you that a Lotus Eletre R, the wildest version of the British manufacturer’s first SUV, It is able to recover the energy that can travel 142 kilometers in an object in 5 minutes at the power levels.. Now, with a 350 kW charger at the same time, the energy is recovered to travel 120 kilometers. In addition, the British company says that 10 to 80% of its battery capacity, which has a capacity of 112 kWh, takes just 20 minutes.

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To achieve these power levels, the chargers presented by Lotus have liquid cooling technology. And in addition, it can charge up to four cars at the same time, with a maximum output of 600 amps.

Lotus Eletre batteries go from 10 to 80% in 20 minutes

2023 Lotus Charger.  Wardrobe Image.2023 Lotus Charger.  Wardrobe Image.

The guys at Lotus hope that these levels of charging power, combined with the improved charging infrastructure, will help owners of one of their vehicles get rid of anxiety. Hethel promises that its customers will “easily upgrade to this 450 kW power output without additional hardware costs once market service providers implement network upgrades.” Not in vain, when the Lotus Eletre was presented, there was always a mention of a maximum charging power of 350 kW.

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The first ultra-fast chargers signed by Lotus There they settled in China, but it will happen in the second half of next year when we will see them on the roads of the Middle East and, as they point out, in “most European countries”, while Germany and Austria will do it at a later date Greater market availability will be announced “in due course.”

With these chargers, Lotus has surpassed Tesla’s Supercharger

2023 Lotus Charger.  Picture Set.2023 Lotus Charger.  Picture Set.

With the arrival of this impressive charger, Lotus has surpassed Tesla in terms of charging power. And to put ourselves in the situation, I’ll tell you that the current Tesla Supercharger V3 supplies a maximum of 250 kW, while the upcoming V4 is said to increase that power to a maximum of 350 kW. Interesting numbers to use with very few electric vehicles on the market, because you can count on one hand the brands that offer electric cars that charge more than 200 kW.

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But that can be easily solved because there are seven automakers (BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis) that are working on developing chargers that will provide power between 350 and 400 kW. Chargers that want to be available next summer.