The alleged victim committed suicide in 2019

The alleged victim committed suicide in 2019

New allegations of sexual harassment have emerged against vince mcmahon Former WWE director who resigned from his post ceo de tko The company formed after the merger of Wrestling Company and ufc Following complaints from a former employee.

A new report has emerged accusing McMahon of inappropriate behavior and disrespect by a former director Ashley Massaro WWE wrestler who committed suicide in 2019 due to his depression.

According to the Vice portal, unpublished statements from Massaro have emerged, in which he describes the abuse McMahon and tells that WWE Discouraged her from filing a complaint of sexual harassment.

New allegations surfaced massaro Was accused McMahon Of sexually exploiting other fighters and, in his case, he was punished for rejecting advances with poor scripts in order to destroy his reputation, an activity that was common on the part of former managers when refusing him. was given.

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Ashley Massaro claims she was sexually assaulted by members of the military

Ashley Massaro He committed suicide in 2019, eight months after filing a lawsuit that dismissed his claims that a head injury suffered during his wrestling career caused him severe depression.

Massaro also condemned it on a charity tour WWE in 2007 In Kuwait For the US armed forces, military personnel were drugged and sexually assaulted.

Although WWE After Massaro’s suicide he ignored the case, arguing that the fighter never told him about the attacks on the army, otherwise he would have reported it.

“At any moment vince mcmahon or WWE management was informed by Ashley Massaro or anyone else that she was sexually assaulted, drugged, raped or raped by a military doctor during a goodwill tour of military bases in 2007 Unnatural sex was committed with her. Kuwait“, reported the statement at the time.

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“In fact, if he had ever made such a claim to WWE, we would have immediately reported it to the base commander. There was no meeting with him at any time Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis Or to other company officials, where he told them about such a claim and they were ordered to keep it secret,” he said.


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