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The almond tree in Albacete is facing its great revolution

“We are here for responsibility.” With these words, Andrés Arévalo, director of Ascenza Iberia, opened Ascenza Talks 2022 in Albacete, a technical meeting on the cultivation, needs and market of the almond tree, an obvious crop in this part of Spain.

The event brought together producers from Andalusia, Aragón, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Extremadura and Portugal at the Fuente Berrocal estate, to observe the intervention of leading experts in this dried fruit.

Arévalo was the one who opened the speakers’ turn to recall the common challenge faced by the entire agricultural sector in the EU, not only of almonds, which is none other than over-production, but in a more sustainable way and in accordance with the norms Under the highest demands quality and health.

In this sense, he recalled that “phytosanitary products will decline”, or that by the same date, “25% of almond cultivation should be organic”, which is a challenge for the industry, technicians and growers. new ways.

“We also have a responsibility towards people”, as another aim of EU policies is to promote healthy eating habits, in which almond tree cultivation can play an important role.

After the intervention of Andres Arvelo, it was the turn of Arturo Belmonte, Technical Director of Manon SC and member of Almendrave, who made a presentation entitled The situation of the almond market and its commercialization.

He described a region in which, in terms of production, California (80% of the world crop) goes first, and then all the others, with Australia (eight percent) and Spain (seven) in second and third.

Despite the hegemony of the United States, Spain has significant wealth, as “our country has a very solid industrial base and is the gateway to the European market for the crop”, making it a major player in the world market.

trend. a market, moreover, with marked trends such as a sustained increase in world consumption, especially in emerging markets such as Russia, China or India; The growing interest in the Mediterranean diet or the fact that it is an important ecological market niche.

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Following Belmonte, Carmen Montes, marketing director of Essenza Spain, intervened with her presentation: Essenza, an affiliated brand for the production of almonds; Demonstrating brand commitment and responsibility with this flourishing crop in Spain. In a context where the number of authorized solutions for the management of pests and diseases of the almond tree is very low compared to other crops, Ascenza, with its complete list, protects the almond crop and as one of the reference brands situated at. nutrition.

Montes and Juan Baviera took the opportunity to show the tools Essenza offers growers to meet these challenges, their new solutions: Prevum Plus, RockUp and Flecha Supreme.

After the break, a second part began, more focused on water management, opened by Carlos Serrano, from the Department of Sustainability, who presented European regulations that ensure good water conditions and through concrete actions of training, communication How will the Ascenza work, etc. Promotion of good agricultural practices that maintain good water conditions.

Irrigation strategies. The other important speaker of the day was Joan Giróna, a senior researcher at IRTA in Lleida, who talked about almond irrigation strategies in the face of climate change to give basic, very practical guidelines for improving crop yields. It was

“First of all, you have to monitor the efficiency in water management” which means monitoring the absorption by the roots “because the more the absorption, the more the production” and to save a significant amount of water “at the right time” of water from June to September.

The second practical advice is to “accelerate the onset of production as much as possible” by favoring the development of the roots, which, for practical purposes, means “applying as little water as possible during the first and second year of life”. tree from

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He explained that these practical suggestions are based on a careful and thorough study of the stages important to tree development “to avoid a series of mistakes that I myself have made in the past, such as giving the tree everything it asks for water. ” And when I ask

The technical conference was closed by Javier Monfort from the Department of Nutrition, who presented products developed by Essenza to improve efficiency in water use, such as Oro Umid, ON, or Organic Microfluid.

A complete battery of substances that protect the plant and improve its performance

Prevum Plus. Solution based on orange extract at 6%, with a physical mode of action, it is insecticidal with fungicidal and insecticidal activity. This is a good example of new products that use natural components in their composition. Authorized for a wide range of crops, not just almonds. It can be used alone or in a mixture; It can be planted shortly before harvest and is adapted to conventional and organic farming.

Param teer Multipurpose fungicide for effective control of major diseases of almond tree. It combines two active ingredients, Cresoxim-Methyl and Difeconazole. It is used to control monilia and ocher spot in almond trees and is also effective against other diseases. Its preventive use is recommended to stop the fungus in its early stages, such as spore germination or appressorium formation.

Gold moist. Clay Conditioner and Moisturizer. It is a solution to increase irrigation efficiency, enhance soil water penetration and retention, optimize water and nutrient absorption, improve aerobic conditions and contribute to the development of absorbent hairs of the crop.

organic nitrofluid. Ecological product with HPE (High Prebiotic Effect) technology with high nitrogen content. Recommended for active vegetative growth stages, it acts directly on crop nutrition and stimulates the growth of soil microorganisms.

Feather. State-of-the-art epigenetic activator that induces and maximizes plant cellular and physiological response to conditions such as water stress.

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