The announcement must be made in the Holy Spirit

El Papa Francisco en la Audiencia General de este 6 de diciembre

These are temptations disguised as loyalty to tradition, but often, more than responses of the Spirit, they are reactions to personal dissatisfaction. However, the creativity of the pastor, bold in the Spirit, warm in his missionary fire, is a proof of faithfulness to Him. with his constant divine creativity. Every time we try to return to the source and recover the original freshness of the Gospel, new paths arise, creative methods, other forms of expression, better signs, words full of new meaning for today’s world” (the gospel of joy11).

Creativity, therefore; THEN simplicity, because the Spirit leads us to the source, to the “first notice.” Indeed, it is “the fire of the Spirit that (…) makes us believe in Jesus Christ, who with his death and resurrection reveals to us and makes known to us the infinite mercy of the Father” (iv, 164). This is first ad, which “must occupy the center of evangelistic activity and every attempt at ecclesiastical renewal”; to repeat: “Jesus Christ loves you, he gave his life to save you, and now he lives by your side every day, to enlighten you, to strengthen you, to save you” (ibid).

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Brothers, let us allow ourselves to be captivated by the Holy Spirit and pray to him every day: let him be the beginning of our being and our actions; be the beginning of every activity, meeting, meeting and announcement. He revived and renewed the Church: with Him we are not afraid, because He, that is Harmony, always maintaining creativity and simplicity together, encouraging communion and sending mission, opening diversity and bringing back unity. He is our strength, the breath of our proclamation, the source of apostolic zeal. Come, Holy Spirit!