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A new Apple patent reveals something could be incorporated into future generations of the Apple Watch. In this case, it is something accessory-cosmetic. However, it is still something very interesting that, if realized, would mean a qualitative leap and a new attraction for this device.

The patent, filed on August 22, 2023, shows a new way of interacting with the Apple Watch. If we now have a watch that interacts with our body, it is very possible that we will experience a new type of interaction, but this time with the clothes we wear. The name of the document is “Electronic devices with color scanning sensors”. How does it work? What is the GOAL? We’ll tell you!

Your Apple Watch will highlight the colors

Imagine you are wearing a pink shirt. You put on your Apple Watch and suddenly the face turns pink. Or you’re wearing something yellow and the Apple Watch shows a yellow face.

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Or imagine you are standing in front of a turquoise object and want that color on your watch. You scan the color and the Apple Watch recognizes it and dresses in the same color as that object. Broadly speaking, this could happen in the future. And the truth is that how all this works is very interesting.

The abstract of the patent document states: “An electronic device, such as a watch, may contain a light sensor on the back. The color of external objects can be measured with the sensor. During the color sampling process, the screen can emit light while the sensor collects the various information from the color measurements. The screen can emit light of different colors and the light sensor can detect the amount of light reflected in each color. This allows the color of the outer object to be determined. The control circuit may use a special algorithm to recognize the specific color of the watch straps and a clothing-specific algorithm to determine the color of the clothing. Control circuitry can display colors on the screen so that the dial matches the color of the wearer’s clothing or the color of the watch’s strap.”

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Apple Watch Sensor Colors

We would be faced with a very strange customization feature that would allow us to personalize Apple Watch spheres. And even the possibility of having more customizable wallpapers than those currently available. And the best part is that we can get any color, be it of our clothes or the strap we bought, so everything will match if we want.

Thus, all of the hardware assembling the clock would work together, allowing us to provide accurate results. Currently we haven’t seen any practical applications of this functionality. However, it cannot be ruled out that we will experience this in practice in the near future have endless options when it comes to personalization the color of the screen depending on what we have in front of us.

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