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The attack on CFK led to the suspension of activity in the Deputies and next week there will be two sessions with full agenda

Chamber Of Deputies
chamber of Deputies

Christina Kirchner. attempted murder on And this rejection session Called urgently this saturday chamber of Deputies He left little room to continue with the legislative agenda set for the days to come.

Last week, on the bench of in front of everyone Hoping to convene two special sessions: one this Wednesday 7 and another Thursday 15 of September. The first will deal with projects that do not generate strong opposition, such as Nursingvoluntary surrender armaso, Tire single use and construction Universities, Eight days later – the 15th – it was time to turn to two economic projects of vital importance to the government: tax consent And this extension of five taxes key (which together represent 32% of the collection).

In an essentially tense atmosphere due to the failed murder, due to fault fault Political climate hostile to opposition and against rumors of pro-government laws Hate speechPresident of the Front de Todos Block, German Martinezand the head of the chamber, cecilia moroDropped the intention to meet this week.

Now, works in the ruling party “Unified” theme For a session on Thursday 15 – which they estimate will be lengthy – which will include in-principle fiscal concurrence, tax expansion, nursing, zero alcohol and “other issues”. It will be a week full of activity, Chief of Staff since day one, John ManzoorWill be present to prepare your management report. A long overdue and opposition-demanded visit: By law, the coordination minister must make monthly presentations to Congress during the normal period months.

Since he took office more than a year ago, Manzoor has been in the Senate only once and has never been to the House of Representatives. A heated session is expected on Wednesday 14th in which the opposition will take the opportunity to criticize the course of the Alberto Fernandez government.

On the other hand, the Financial Administration Law provides that the next Thursday, September 15, must be submitted to the Ministry of Economy budget 2023, on the advice of infobaeHe explained to the ruling party that “Won’t Act On” With the session they plan as only the text of the “Law of the Law” will be presented. Minister serge massa -Currently on tour of the United States- Will be able to come to the deputy to present it formally later, for example, when the debate begins in the committee.

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The coming of the 2023 budget also reduces legislative time as ideally the extension of taxes should be approved before its debate as it is directly related to the resources that the national administration will have. “How can we budget if we don’t know what resources we have?”asked a deputy of the ruling party.

Alberto Fernandez With Germán Martinez And Cecilia Moreau
Alberto Fernandez with Germán Martinez and Cecilia Moreau

managed to move forward with everyone’s front majority opinion To extend a package of taxes for five years which includes profits, personal propertyFor credit and debit to bank accounts (known as) check tax), monotax, Vat. specific allocation inFund for additional emergency and education and cooperative incentives on the sale of cigarettes.

In the pro-government caucus he believes he already has the numbers to approve the same text that came out of the budget commission. However, the block’s head German Martinez is currently working on revising the project’s wording to add more wills.

In his minority opinion, together for change It retained the idea of ​​expanding taxes but introduced some amendments. In the case of personal properties, for example, it is proposed to change the existing rates, which today range from 0.5% to 1.75% (the highest, for goods abroad). His project proposes a minimum rate of 0.25% and a maximum of 0.75%. It also stipulates that the check tax (which was established in 2001 as an “emergency” tax for only one year) can be calculated as an income tax payment at 60%.

The ruling party’s text detailed taxes and allowances in a single article, while the opposition’s text was framed with two separate articles. Now the ruling party can accept a change in wording with respect to specific assignments to add votes, but without backing any tax deduction,

tax consent, for its part, is an agreement signed between the national government and 21 governors in December last year and already half-approved from the Senate. Among other points, it enables provinces to create new taxes and raise the rates of certain existing taxes, such as gross income and stamps. It also stipulates that they may borrow in dollars only along financing lines with bilateral or multilateral lending organizations, establishes that spending may increase in relation to GDP growth, and assigns districts to national states. compels him to abstain from any litigation against him.

There Will Be A Lot Of Activity In The Lower House Next Week
There will be a lot of activity in the lower house next week

This initiative generated some friction within Together for Change that Senate voting division, In line with what happened in the upper house, where the opposition voted divided, the ruling party is relying on three hardline governors (jujuy) Gerardo Moralescorrentino gustavo valdes and mendoza Rodolfo Suarez) exert pressure on their duties to confirm the project.

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on the advice of infobaeone of the deputies UCR who is debating between abstaining or voting in favor, explained that The governor is “obliged” To support because if they would, among other things, face difficulties in refinancing the debts they had accumulated with the nation. In addition, it could be a tool to offset possible cuts in transfers to the provinces promoted by the Ministry of Economy to contain the deficit. “There is no inconvenience in the block as it is understood that the governors have other institutional and management responsibilities,” the legislator reduced.

At Together for Change, in particular PRO and Evolución, they reject the project because they assure it is “a disguised tax increase”. Something he had promised never to accompany in the last election campaign. Tensions surfaced within the opposition coalition Again last Saturday, when the PRO withdrew from campus after voting on a draft resolution denying the assassination attempt on Christina Kirchner. was also criticized civic alliance One Patricia BullrichPresident of PRO, for not publicly denying CFK the assassination attempt.

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