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The Best American Wines (That You Can Buy in Spain)

    Whether it’s ironic tours to the beach, swimming pools, faraway countries or vacations in Torrevieja with everyone, I know this text isn’t the most read of the year at Esquire.

    But where everyone sees discomfort, I see an opportunity, it’s a skill that makes me a genius, and I’m going to take advantage of this situation for more initiated subjects and so, (for me ) more fun. Since there isn’t one, let’s discuss our stuff.

    So this time I come up with a selection of American wines. If it’s already difficult for a Spanish citizen to consume wine from outside Spain, imagine offering some tips from the US, but I know our community wine lover You will appreciate it.

    I also have a description of each wine, including a point of purchase where it will be very easy for you to get hold of it. So, it will be very easy for you to try them out, it is just a matter of outlay.

    we will do.

    Elena, The Enemy, Chardonnay, 2019, Mendoza, Argentina. €22.91.

        The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)


        Alina, the anime Chardonnay 2019

        This may be the most viewed Argentine tag on the Spanish social network, appearing in many publications of the most exclusive profiles for a few years now. Plus, it’s not expensive and it’s great.

        This is a white wine that comes with loads of wood to keep in mind, but with a touch of floral veils reminiscent of the new wave of white wines from Cadiz or Jura.


        Matias Riccitelli, Pinot Noir, 2020, Patagonia, Argentina. 34,45 euros.

        The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

        Matias Richitelli Old Wine Pinot Noir from Patagonia

        Mattias Richitelli

        34,45 €

        I Knew Nothing About This Winery Until Paz Levinson winestar Argentine based in Paris, especially with him I tried his bastardo, which is out of stock here.

        What’s available is Pinot Noir, which affirms the essence of this Patagonian producer: complex fresh wine. Its fluidity is amazing, but of course, Patagonia is one of the places with the lowest population density on the planet, if it weren’t conducive to drinking, these people would be doomed to suicide.

        Without this type of wine they would become Norwegian.

        Buza, Tannat A6, Single Plot, 2017, Canelones, Uruguay. €39.50.

            The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

            Bouza Tannat A6 Single Installment 2017

            3 rating

            50,00 €

            Yes, the wine is made in Uruguay, and its most prestigious region and vineyard area is Canelones. Situated in the south of the country and bordering Montevideo, it is common that its name makes us laugh, there the laughter ends as these experts of Tannat grapes make the most powerful reds.

            Tannat is a well-known variety in Madeira (France), where it appears in some world-class wines (Chateau Montas), and which ended up in Uruguay because the Basques are always brimming with everything that can be eaten and drunk. have to do with And planting, some vines there.

            It’s spacious but quite pleasant given its fine balance, although the gist is that this vintage won’t uncork until 2035.

            De Martino, Las Olvidadas, 2018, Southern Viticultural Region, Chile. €39.95.

                The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                De Martino Old Vine the Forgotten


                39,95 €

                Now we travel to one of the countries that has kept its bottles in the best condition around the world. Chile has wine, such as Casillero del Diablo, which also sponsors Manchester United. Here a sample:

                This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information on their web site.

                This winery actually has crude wines as the Red Devils’ current game, so I like to bring this top of the range Di Martino based on the Paes grape (our Liston Prieto) and San Francisco (our Negramole).

                A marvel of wine that returns us to the path of fluidity and easy drinking without loss of sophistication.

                Zucardi, Concrete, 2018, Mendoza, Argentina. 46.60 Euro.

                The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                Zucardi Concreto 2018


                60,00 €

                The label comes with a play on words and that Concrete is a red wine based on a Malbec that has been aged in concrete, referred to in English as “concrete”.

                Too well, a pity they didn’t hire the winery’s current owner, Sebastian Zuccardi, to adapt the title of S. Craig Zahler’s masterpiece “Draged Across Concrete” to “El Otro Lado of the Law” in Amazon Prime Video. .


                Pedro Parra and the Monk Family, 2018, Southern Viticultural Area, Chile. €55.75.

                The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                Pedro Parra and the Monk Family

                Now we turn to cement, one of the components of concrete, to return to Chile with this Cinsault-based red manufactured by terroir expert Pedro Parra.

                Authentic cult character, who through his elaboration and advice is fueling a new wave of Chilean wines that are much easier to drink. Yes, this selection is great. I am getting more addicted than crack.

                Ceritas, Marena Chardonnay, 2017, Sonoma Coast, United States. 61.45 Euro.

                The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                Ceritas Sonoma Coast Marena Chardonnay 2017


                61,45 €

                But not everything in life has to be quiet, what this American Chardonnay stands for is its spiciness. These guys make some wonderful white wines in terms of variety expression, no one would think that anything American could be so fine, elegant and restrained. Take this class.

                In blind testing it is impossible to place it in an area other than Burgundy. we’ll take.

                Perfect for visiting sessions that have a smart person who is hesitant to learn how to explore wines from the New World, or who brag about drinking French Chardonnay simply because they have no idea in other latitudes. Not interested.

                Luckily there aren’t many, and I know I’m weirdly specialized, but if you come in a day.

                Inniskillin, Gold Vidal, Icewine, Niagara, Canada. 90.25 Euro.

                    The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                    InSkillin Gold Vidal Icewine 2016


                    2.016,00 €

                    As I want to be as complete and educational as possible, here I present a Canadian dessert wine. It’s normal that you don’t even know that wines are made in Canada, even Dixit doesn’t pay much attention to them, but there’s a certain quirk to this winery, something that’s actually coming to Spain. Bottles end with simplicity.

                    And that’s sweet, an icewine, the most overlooked style of the moment. It is made from Vidal, a hybrid white variety from the crossing of Ugni Blanc with the American Siebel.

                    I don’t know which Amplographic Mengele, whose nickname I think is Vidal, decided to do this, but in this case it worked.

                    Bex Frres, Pinot Noir, 2017, Willamette Valley, Oregon, Estados Unidos. €128.45.

                        The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                        Beautiful Brothers Willamette Valley Pinot Noir


                        128,45 €

                        Fine wines are also made outside of California, many, perhaps one of the most, from Oregon. wine lover, And he is, literally, most brother-in-law since he is what Beaux Frères means in French: brother-in-law.

                        Initially an investor in the project was noted critic Robert Parker Jr., but since 2017 the property has been owned by its original founder Michael G. Etzel and Domaine remains in the French dynasty of Henriette.

                        The thing is, it’s so good.

                        Sine Qua Non, M, Sirah, 2015, California, United States. 803 Euro.

                            The best american wines (that you can buy in spain)

                            If in the United States, the most expensive wine in the entire continent, Screaming Eagle (about 5,000 euros), then without a doubt the most wanted, sought-after and longed for initiation is sine qua non.

                            They have it all, good naming, little production (so very speculative) delivered in capsule collections and of course, world class ingredients.

                            Their variety of inspiration is Rhne and of course they have pleased me as some of the best Syrah and Grenache in existence have been from my consuming sine qua non.

                            expensive? Well, this is the only bottle left all over the internet.

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