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The best cardio exercises to get in shape quickly

Although strength training remains the most effective way to get in shape without sacrificing muscle, the truth is this Incorporating specific weekly cardio sessions can help us achieve our goals especially when we feel like we have stalled in our progress.

But cardio doesn’t mean running on the treadmill until you end up crawling. In fact, this is not always the easy route to fat loss as we all think. There are other types of cardio that can help us get in shape faster and permanently..

1. Sprints

We can do sprints on the treadmill, but also on the street or on the beach and don’t need any equipment. It’s easy and burns lots of calories, in addition to improving our speed and the intensity with which we can train. In addition, it affects practically the entire body.

To practice it, it is most effective to do it at intervals. When we are outdoors, we sprint 200 meters and then run another 200 meters while jogging or walking and so on. On the treadmill we can sprint for 20 or 30 seconds and run for another 30 seconds. Another option is to do this on stairs or steps: we go up and then back down as quickly as we can.


It is one of the most popular types of training because It allows us to train the entire body intensively in a short time. We can do it with or without weights and in reality 15 or 20 minutes is enough.

3. Rowing machine

It is a typical exercise in CrossFit or full body training in the gym. Because it is a very efficient way to train both the upper and lower body without putting too much strain on our ligaments and joints.

We can do it for longer at a constant pace or do it in interval form as if it were a HIIT workout. It’s perfect for those who prefer a low-impact workout.

4. Swimming

It is one of the most forgotten sports among fitness fans, but still one of the most effective and healthiest. It’s on the list of best cardio workouts because it’s low-impact and, of course, intensely taxing on the entire body as our muscles have to fight against gravity to keep us afloat.

In addition, we can try different swimming techniques to find the one that we enjoy the most.

5. Cycling

Another classic, especially among middle-aged men. As with many other types of cardio training, we can do outdoor routes that require a constant pace, but also spinning in the gym or at home if we have a stationary bike. In addition, it is an excellent sport for socializing since there are always groups dedicated to this sport.

6. Kettlebell training

Kettlebells are probably the most underrated piece of fitness equipment.. Technically, such a workout is not cardio, but it produces great calorie burning results both during and after exercise because it trains strength and aerobic capacity at the same time. We can incorporate full sessions of this material or simply add one or two exercises with it at the end of our total body workout.

7. Jump rope

Jumping rope has always been a must for boxers, but it’s now popular with even the most seasoned gym bros. This has several reasons: It is a cheap material, it is a relatively simple exercise, it improves our mobility and coordination and burns a lot of calories. In addition, it is something we can practice anywhere.

8. Low or moderate intensity cardio

Not everything has to be high intensity. Running or walking at a moderate or slow pace can have several benefits. This includes burning fat while maintaining muscle.

The key is to combine strength training with cardio. If we go to the gym for three days, we do strength training on the first two days and cardio on the third day. We must not forget that strength training should always be our priority. We can simply add 5 or 10 minutes of cardio after these sessions or dedicate a full day or two a week to it. As always, it’s about finding a formula that works for us.

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