The best cheap electric cars of 2023

The best cheap electric cars of 2023

Electric cars are burdened by their price, which is usually (or used to be) higher than the equivalent combustion car. Fortunately, that gap is narrowing, and we can find it in the market for cheap electric cars. Some can even be bought for less than 20,000 euros before the aid, and no, they don’t have to be super small cars.

The 7 best cheap electric cars for sale in Spain

We have compiled a selection of cheap electric cars Granted passenger cars that require a B driver’s license. Like combustion cars and hybrids, the cheapest is logically the smallest, although this list includes cities, compacts, medium-large sedans and even one with which you are familiar

Dacia Spring

Without pretense, but without complexes. The Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car on the market.

The Romanian brand has made a name for itself in the market thanks to its simple but decisive, practical, and economical products. They applied the same formula to their first battery car, the Dacia Spring, which is one of the cheapest electric cars you can buy.

It is an ideal car to get around the city and its surroundings. There are 230 kilometers of autonomy, but in urban use, it reaches 305 kilometers because it is used less. Expenses 19,590 euros, which can remain at 12,590 euros if assistance from the MOVES III Plan is taken advantage of, and has the largest trunk of the models in its category.

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Citroën ë-C3

With a price starting at 23,800 euros, the Citroën ë-C3 will be one of the most economical electric cars on the market.

The Citroën ë-C3 is little more than a punch on the table for the French brand. Available in two versions, it is priced at 23,800 euros with 113 horsepower and 320 kilometers of autonomy, a relationship that is hard to overcome. In addition, no model at this price can match the 100 kW fast charging, thanks to which it recharges from 20% to 80% in 26 minutes.

With government help, it could cost 16,800 euros, roughly the same as C3 gasoline. It will arrive in dealerships in early 2024, but it can be reserved now.

Renault Twingo E-Tech

The electric Renault Twingo has 270 km of autonomy in the city.

For a little more money, 24,501 euros, you can own a beautiful Renault Twingo with features similar to this Primo from Dacia. It has almost double the power (82 HP), so it accelerates and overtakes better. It is a little small, but it is well used.

Autonomy remains at 190 kilometers of the combined cycle, but will come to 270 kilometers of urban use, according to WLTP approval. In a reinforced domestic socket (3.7 kW), it takes 8 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

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With the MG4, the brand offers a compact electric car at the price of gasoline.

she MG4 It has become one of the best-selling electric cars in our country on its own merits. It costs 30,690 euros and offers 350 kilometers of autonomy in the standard version, a price that can remain at 20,480 euros with the help of the MOVES III Plan and all the current campaigns of the brand.

The MG4 Comfort version has a larger battery and is approved for 450 kilometers of autonomy in WLTP. It is sold for 35,190 euros, which can remain at 24,980 euros (including all discounts), and it also has a more powerful 204 HP engine, fast charging up to 140 kW of direct current, and is equipped with an active grill to optimize aerodynamics.

MG5 Electric

The MG5 Electric is a ‘big forget’, but it’s one of the few electric family cars.

It is one of the few electric cars with a family body that exists in the world. It has a 479-liter trunk and is sold in two versions, with 320 or 400 kilometers of autonomy. They cost 35,490 and 38,690 euros, respectively, before deducting assistance and brand campaigns.

Dolphin WORLD

The BYD Dolphin is available in Spain in two equipment versions and seven colors.

The BYD Dolphin is a compact electric vehicle measuring 4.29 meters in length that shows its comfort, silence on board, and more than adequate quality of interior finishes. It has a price of 35,690 euros for the 204 horsepower version and 427 kilometers of autonomy, which makes it have one of the best relationships between price and autonomy.

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In 2024, two versions will arrive, one with 177 horsepower and another with 95 horsepower and a 44.9 kWh battery (Dolphin Active), which will cost 29,990 euros before assistance.

Tesla Model 3

The new Tesla Model 3 has begun its deployment in Europe.

With a base price of 39,990 euros, it is not a cheap car in absolute terms, but it is relatively cheap. No car on the market offers the same features, technology, equipment, and autonomy, even at the same price. And yet not much, considering that it is a saloon of 4.72 meters in length. It has recently been renewed, and the new model improves some of the weak points of the previous one, such as soundproofing or the excessive stability of the suspension.

The standard version offers 283 HP power and 513 kilometers of autonomy for 39,990 euros before assistance. The Model 3 High Autonomy costs 49,990 euros and has all-wheel drive, 351 HP power, more powerful quick charge (250 kW), and 678 kilometers of autonomy with 18-inch wheels.