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The best exercises to improve your mood and reduce anxiety

One of the simplest, most profitable and practical habits we can adopt when our mental state deteriorates is Exercise. Regardless of how or for how many reasons we have caused this discomfort, the ability to improve sports training is as certain as the fact that you have to eat to survive. In fact, it is a form of nutrition for our body as we are active every day gives us more energy and a better physical condition. How is it possible that exercise affects emotions and our brain? Several experts explain it to us in detail.

The power of physical exercise on mental health

Physical exercise has a very big impact on our mental health. When we move, We release endorphins which are often referred to as happiness hormones because their functions also include the way they work increases our emotional mood and its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. But the direct benefits of exercise for the mind go even further.

According to Felipe Isidro, Professor of Physical Education and Head of Physical Activity Department at PronoKal, exercise also contributes to:

  • Improve sleep quality. Regular physical activity helps you fall asleep more easily and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Increase concentration and memory. Exercise promotes the release of growth factors, which can promote brain function and improve concentration and memory.
  • Reduce the risk of mental disorders. Staying active is associated with a lower risk of developing mental disorders such as dementia.
  • Promote self-discipline and resilience. Sport requires consistency and commitment, which can promote self-discipline and resilience – useful skills for mental health.
  • Improve the mood. Exercise contributes to a more positive mood and increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

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The only 15 habits TELVA’s wellness editors practice to feel better

More than endorphins for the mind

“Many women achieve success by taking on small sporting challenges strengthen your relationship with your own body, by recognizing their potential and capability rather than focusing solely on aesthetic issues. This focus on skills rather than looks can be crucial in this process towards love and acceptance “own,” adds Ana Morales, a psychologist who specializes in emotional eating and body acceptance.

It is also very important for the mental health professional to keep this in mind other advantages What is less known is that exercise has a direct impact on our mental state, such as the ability of exercise to counteract a sedentary lifestyle and the way in which its practice helps strengthen social relationships (when playing sports or doing group exercises), the wonderful thing relieving effect This allows you to relieve tension (especially during swimming, yoga and Pilates) as training allows communicate values Essential things like respect and commitment, even the way it develops as positive alternative to addiction the ability to optimize our decision-making or one of the least praised but most profitable consequences, and that is when you train You learn to be more productive in other daily tasks.

The best exercises for mental health

For sports professor Felipe Isidro, the best exercises to care for and improve our mental health are:

  • Cardiorespiratory exercises: Walking with varying intensity, cycling or swimming increase the release of endorphins, improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Mind-body activities such as yoga and meditation, which help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Outdoor exercises. Whether it’s cardiovascular, strength, or stretching exercises, practicing these exercises in this environment helps improve emotional well-being through connection with nature.

In summary, a combination of regular physical and mental exercise and outdoor activities provides significant benefits to our mental health Reduce stress, improve mood and promote relaxation. And the best part is that the positive effects can be seen from the first exercise session you choose, highlighting the importance of incorporating physical activity as a healthy lifestyle habit.

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