The zodiac signs that have a day full of love

The best lovers: The zodiac signs that have a day full of love, according to Nana Calistar

The best predictions come to you pus Calistar and for everyone who wants to know what fate has in store for them, whose followers are eagerly waiting for their daily recommendations to start this Thursday, December 7, on the right foot and the best advice for all zodiac signs, their astrological lovers.

In this new edition the psychic reveals to horoscopes his fate in the field of FAMILIES, luck, love, HEALTH, work and the MONEYthat most of you should reflect on what is happening in your life, especially in the spiritual part.


For those born under the sign of Aries between March 21 and April 20, the universe sends you a fresh wind of energy, luck that you should take advantage of, go to the casino or even play the lottery that leaves you. some profits, your lucky numbers are 12, 23 and 45.

This month, prepare to release your inner fire and launch new adventures in love, if you are dating someone, because you will start a new romance. Cupid has his eyes on you, so don’t be afraid to show your courage.

Let your heart follow the rhythm of your courage and be the architect of your own passionate romance. You have to be very careful what is said about you, even if you can’t stop the wave of gossip, you can’t give opinions without being asked or tell your most intimate secrets to people who aren’t. completely reliable.


For Taurus, the signs born between April 21 and May 21, the cosmic alignment emphasizes your need to build strong foundations in love, so don’t go making a tamales goat with your partner if any.

Enjoy the patience that characterizes you and cultivate lasting relationships like a fine wine, you need to focus on a lasting and strong relationship. Don’t be afraid to show your romantic side; deep emotional connection is your specialty.

You will plan a trip with friends and it is possible that you will meet someone you have been talking to for a long time on social networks.


For Geminis, the signs born between May 22 and June 21, your wit has become a secret weapon in the game of love and you should use it to win over the person who is bothering you.

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A spark of curiosity will set your heart on fire, so spread your social wings and let the butterfly of excitement fly, but beware of promiscuity that can end in an unwanted pregnancy.

Mental connection becomes important, so find someone who can stimulate your intellect and make your thoughts dance, find an intelligent person, not an ass like you. Treating gastritis and colitis, friendship will need you more than ever.


For Cancer, signs born between June 22 and July 23, emotional connection is your superpower, so let your feelings flow like the gentle waves of the ocean and focus on people who make you feel you special and not the one you love.

Focus on building a romantic haven, where affection and security are linked like magic threads, but don’t neglect your self-love either, because without it you know you don’t exist and nothing.

Dare to be vulnerable and let your intuition guide your loving steps so that you don’t continue in its water like you did in the past, when you loved from the pure “fichita”.


For Leos, the signs born between July 24 and August 23, let your inner light shine and attract those who admire your greatness, but you must be careful not to enter into forbidden relationships .

Don’t be afraid to be the leader on the dance floor of romance; Your heart deserves a standing ovation, because it has suffered a lot in the past and deserves to be happy.

Keep the flame of love burning and show your loving generosity, so if you are with someone, let go of the poison and enjoy it. You will discover endless lies from a person, disappointments are there.


For Virgos, the signs born between August 24 and September 22, pay attention to the details, but also allow yourself to enjoy romance without too much planning, so if you have a “motelazo” keep everything going.

Let the magic of time flow and feel how the emotional connection becomes deeper with your partner, if you have one. Don’t be unfaithful because they will catch you in the act, you are ugly.

In the next few days you will hear from someone you haven’t seen in a while, keep your mind on whoever comes into your life, reliable people don’t come and you can make big mistakes without knowing -an.

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For Libra, the signs born between September 23 and October 22, your grace and charm are your greatest allies, so take advantage of it to win over your loved one.

Look for harmony in your relationships, but don’t be afraid to express your own desires and needs, if your partner is angry, he has a big problem, so don’t stress.

Plans for a trip where pleasure is the main factor. In business there are many developments and the possibility of a good sale.


For Scorpio, the signs born between October 23 and November 22, the time is good to change and renew existing relationships or start new ones with new energy.

If that relationship you’re in is causing you problems or conflict, don’t continue to waste your time. If you have a partner, find a way to strengthen the relationship and keep the party peaceful. If you are not satisfied or everyone is angry, end the cycle and give yourself the opportunity to go out and meet new people.

There are changes in the universe that will bring you a lot of good, but at the same time you will be in a serious tone, because your sexual desires will be very awake.


For Sagittarius, signs born between November 23 and December 21, there are friends who gossip, watch your life, give their opinions and gossip, if you don’t stop them, they can cause serious problems. problem.

There are changes in the dog that you need to take care of, because you can become a proud and manipulative person, which will harm the people who are important to you.

It is possible that a friend is very close to you and they do it because they want to get a certain information from you, don’t leave anything out, because you can make big mistakes that will get you into trouble.


For Capricorns, born between December 22 and January 19, stop being silly, you have everything to be happy, but you are too numb and in the end you cannot consolidate anything.

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You are a very strong person, with a lot of character who knows how to get out of yourself, the problem is that you often make the same mistakes many times. A separation or divorce comes within the family, you will be a little tired, with a burden and a lot of sleep, beware of witchcraft on the part of the neighbors.

Stop waiting for someone to never come back and beg and beg for love from someone who doesn’t care about you and is only looking for you to get something from you. Be very careful with your mood, because you can fall into depression for no reason.


For Aquarius, the zodiac signs born between January 20 and February 19, days of changes where you have to trust yourself, love yourself, love yourself and know that you don’t need the happier. Be careful what you eat, because stomach ailments and infections will come.

Stop living depressed, change your attitude towards your work, don’t force yourself or keep blaming yourself for mistakes that are not yours, let go of what hurts you.

A friend will seek you out because of a sentimental problem. Don’t be afraid of changes and give yourself the opportunity to accept criticism and advice from loved ones, because you can only get better results in everything you do in your life.

For Pisces, the zodiac signs born between February 20 and March 20, it’s time to start trusting yourself, to realize that people come and go in your life and that they only come to teach you something lesson, and with it they depart.

There are times when you can start planning a change in the house or a change in the city, enjoy what comes because every change brings something new in your life.

There are opportunities to work and go to a party in the near future, enjoy and put all your effort into what you do, remember that it is better to be sorry than to indulge.

What is the moon of each zodiac sign?

  • Aries: March-April
  • Taurus: April-May
  • Gemini: May-June
  • Cancer: June-July
  • Leo: July-August
  • Virgo: August-September
  • Libra: September-October
  • Scorpio: October-November
  • Sagittarius: November-December
  • Capricorn: December-January
  • Aquarius: January-February
  • Pisces: February-March