The best order to watch all Rocky and Creed movies

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There are films that are not age, and the case of the eternal ‘Rocky’ This is a good example of this. The boxing epic directed by John G. Avildsen and starring Sylvester Stallone that perhaps gives us his most iconic performance and character in his extensive filmography, continues to be as intense and exciting as the first day; which makes it understandable that its success has led to a franchise that is almost 50 years behind it.

At the time, exactly, Over the past 47 years, Balboa’s universe has expanded with gruesome deaths, trips to the Soviet Union and, however, the generational change of a trilogy of sequels in which the Italian Stallion takes a backseat to allow Adonis Creed, son of the evil Apollo, to steal all the spotlights on the function.

Now, with the fourth ‘Creed’ that, as it appears, has been cooked, it is the perfect time to recover the saga and, if you are a neophyte, you may be wondering what is the best order to watch look at it. Fortunately, and unlike the case with other more complex franchises, there is no mystery to this one.and I will show it to you below.

Release the order

To begin with, there is the option to see the nine films that make up the ‘Rocky’ saga – counting the sequels focused on Adonis – according to their release order and, as Bart Simpson taught us, knowing how to read Roman numerals goes a long way in organizing.

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Chronological order

Rocky Iv Crop

The second alternative is to look at the nine titles that follow the timeline of the franchise chronologically and, to everyone’s relief, it is consistent with the release order.

  • Rocky (1976): The original film tells the story of Rocky Balboa who barely survives by collecting debts and fighting low-level fights until he gets a chance to advance his career by fighting in Apollo Creed, victorious after enduring 15 rounds… and losing. by split decision.
  • Rocky II (1979): The film picks up where the previous one left off, with Rocky devastated after his fight with Creed and becoming some kind of hero. Apollo, wounded in his pride at the near defeat, proposed a rematch which Balboa accepted, this time with the victory of the candidate.
  • Rocky III (1982): Five years after defeating Apollo Creed, Rocky is at the peak of his career fighting against opponents shooting averages, until the terrifying Clubber Lang appears in his way, who takes the title from to him. Balboa went to Apollo to prepare for the rematch where he regained the championship belt.
  • Rocky IV (1985): After five years of retirement, Apollo wants to return to the ring to face the fearsome Ivan Drago, a dangerous Soviet boxer who ended Creed’s life. Rocky, with a great sense of guilt, decided to avenge his friend by traveling to the USSR and beat Drago in a fight as fierce as the epic previous training.
  • Rocky V (1990): After his fight in Russia, Rocky is determined to retire and stay at Mickey’s gym, who died in ‘Rocky III’. It was then that he met Tommy Gunn, a young boxer whom he chose to train and whom he fell in love with because of his attitude, settling the dispute in a street fight that Balboa won.
  • Rocky Balboa (2006): Set 15 years after ‘Rocky V’, the film brings Balboa out of retirement after Adrien’s death. A young boxer named Mason Dixon challenges Rocky to a fight which our jaded boxer accepts—of course he does. Be careful, because ‘Rocky Balboa’ has two endings; the cinematic, where Rocky lost on points by split decision, and the alternative, where Balboa won by non-unanimous decision.
  • Creed: The Legend of Rocky (2015): With the first ‘Creed’ came the generational change we’ve been talking about. Rocky now acts as a mentor to Adonis Creed, son of his late rival and friend Apollo, who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps by facing a boxer named Ricky Conlan, where he lost on points. However, Adonis has become the new benchmark in the category.
  • Creed II: The Legend of Rocky (2018): It’s about families. In this sequel, the paths of Rocky and Adonis cross with Ivan Drago and his son Viktor, who challenges the protagonist couple to a fight that opens old wounds – remember that Ivan killed the Donnie’s father. After two fights, Creed emerged victorious after Drago threw in the towel to save his son, proving that he has a small heart.
  • Creed III (2023): And, to finish – for now -, we have the first film in the saga in which Sylvester Stalonne does not appear. A ‘Creed III’ where Adonis faces his past after meeting a childhood friend named Damian Anderson who has a desire to destroy Creed’s life. Of course, Donnie smashed his face in the ring.
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And here we can read. The matter is simple and The only alternative is to watch the spin-off trilogy first., which operates almost autonomously, and then indulges in the pleasures of the original films to give some context to the relationship between Rocky and Adonis. Anyway, what a great saga this is.