The best-selling designer heater on its website is at the lowest price

LIDL decorative electric fireplace

Have you always dreamed of having a fireplace, but it doesn’t match your home? In that case, you should know that you don’t have to stop because there are alternatives where you can have one in your home. And one of them is what we bring you today, LIDL, and with a discount you’ll love.

It is a heater that will keep you cold this winter. But it has an advantage beyond that and can be an important element of your home decoration. Moreover, now you can find it at the lowest price, so it’s time to run for it!

A designer heater with good power

Let’s start by talking about its unique power, because it is nothing more and nothing less than 1,800 W. In other words, it is a good option even for the largest rooms. The perfect heater for your living room! Yes, it will allow you to regulate the temperature between 7 and 35 degrees, allowing you to choose between three different modes. This is easeecho and antifreeze.

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Lidl Decorative Electric Fireplace

Of course, you can fix it to the wall if you want. And it has a light, so it really gives the feeling that you are in front of a real fireplace. There are also three different lighting levels, so you can create the environment you want.

It is very easy and comfortable to use because it has a touch screen and, also, a remote control, so you don’t have to get up. In addition, it has overheating insurance to make sure you don’t have problems with it either.

With all that we have pointed out, it is worth adding that it has timers. In other words, you can program what time you want it to turn off and completely forget about it. Or you can turn off the heat function only and continue to use it as a light. Thanks to this, you will see how your electricity bill will shine.

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Get it at LIDL at the lowest price

As for steps, you should know that it is about 90 cm x 55 cm x 13 cm. And it includes a rather long cable, 180 cm, so you don’t depend too much on where you have your energy source. It’s a bit heavy—about 14 kg—but that doesn’t stop you from doing it. Fix it to the wall with the healing material you brought with you.

This heater is a success in every way, as you will soon discover if you have it with you. That’s why we recommend you try it now that it’s hit the bottom of LIDL, because it’s yours for 124 euros. And this is the price; under whom did we see?

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