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The Blue Dollar Is Rising: What To Do With The Peso To Beat Inflation?

The blue dollar is at the center of all analysis today It increased by $45 this week due to an impressive increase. However, an upward trend, although it was observed, deepened with the resignation of former economy minister Martin Guzmán at the beginning of the month.

For its part, inflation is the cause and consequence of this exchange rate in which uncertainty plays out. search for coverage Access to US currency in the scenario ofmore pesos less dollar“. However, there are other tools to present aguinaldo 2022 either savings in pesos, capital market investment,

Tips to start investing

economist Paul White, Alprestamo. the CFO talked with bae business and provided some Tips for those who have never turned to the capital markets And interested in making a first approximation.

Blanco is the first step seek adviceabove all because”there are many tools to be able to frame them as something common”: is to classify tools fixed fare, fare variable, joint And this derivatives “the ones that are the most complicated”.

“It is key to be fully informed and up-to-date. If you are going to invest in a fixed income instrument of a company or government, it is essential read title sheet, of bond or negotiable obligation, understand how it is structured, whether the liability is protected and what are the guaranteesThe expert explained.

Along these lines, he pointed out that in the case of variable income instruments, such as a stock, it is also convenient. Analyze what to buyUnderstand “the financial statements of the company, the flow of funds, options, risks and markets where it operates”.

The Blue Dollar Is Rising: What To Do With The Peso To Beat Inflation?

The first step is to seek advice and find a tool you feel comfortable with.

How to choose a broker?

At this point, Alprestamo’s CFO considered that the choice of a broker “has to do with” Profile of each and amount to be invested,

“There are people who might prefer to work with a technical broker, there are platforms that work with all financial instruments Locally and internationally, that is, not only in the Argentine market,” he said.

He also emphasized that “there are others who need a mentor to show them, tell them and Explain in detail about the property you are investing in, It depends a lot on the profile of the investor, you need to know which one you feel most comfortable with.”

Divide and Rule: The Benefits of Having a Diversified Portfolio

Once an investor has obtained advice and found the broker best suited for their needs, the question arises: what to invest, For both Blanco and most advisors, the ideal is “a diversified portfolio“. In other words, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

“Assuming that the risk has already been assumed, High level of diversification What you do is reduce risk That each is a special asset,” he insisted.

And he gave the example: “If you have a portfolio made up, on the one hand, of variable income, one part of fixed income, the other of foreign assets and the other of metals or commodities, the returns may not be exponential, but neither will your loss be exponential because the correlation of these properties will make If one goes up a lot the other goes down a bit and vice versa,

“If one goes too low, the other Can play as backup assetthen it will end protect wallet, Thus portfolio diversification Gives relatively good returns over the long term“, Blanco advised early investors.

Investing in Peso: How much amount is needed to get started

White assured that “There is no minimum or minimum capital for capital markets“, although he cautioned that it should be taken into account that”If the amount is too low, the commission incidence will be high.Because there is a minimum commission which can have a high impact with respect to the total invested capital”.

“Go with the capital market Very little amount does not allow you to diversify your portfolio And this The risk is higher when you have a concentrated portfolio“The Economist specified.

Along these lines, he stressed that although “the high level of regulation in Argentina changes every day”, it is important to know that asset risk can be modified: “If an asset yields too much and the other gives less yield, so the logical thing is that people are going to anchor Invest in assets that give low yields and invest in those that yield high, it’s going to leave me raising the rate of what was being funded And reduce the one you were investing in. It is a natural question of the markets that leads to arbitrage,” he explained.

The Blue Dollar Is Rising: What To Do With The Peso To Beat Inflation?

Dollar Today: Stock Options

Historically, Argentines are more accustomed to wanting Receive dollars to get more value, For Blanco “The buying and investing of dollars is a decision of the people that is related to the risk profile of the investor.”

In that sense, he pointed out that “there are those who know that over the long term the dollar has always covered it and allowed it to defend itself against inflation and economic volatility.”

“There is also a reality: in Argentina, today there is access to the foreign exchange market cash through stock dollars or with settlementor you have to go dollar blue, There are people who don’t like going to those marketsand cannot be accessed by a single free exchange market, with which The issue of buying dollars is quite complicated”, insisted the CFO of Alprestamo.

However, the expert acknowledged that “in recent times” No other investments have been made in pesos for retail investors which yields more than dollar purchases,

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