The Box 2023 Challenge art team has revealed the details that make each home special


The Box 2023 Challenge has managed to captivate Colombians once again in its third edition, and that is why it brings several novelties and aspects that are worth highlighting; a part from that behind it is a great team of people who make everything a reality They pay attention to even the smallest details.

It’s no secret to anyone that The houses of each team in this program are very important, because it is in these places that real coexistence takes place Also, there they relax and clear their mind from the intense and demanding trials they face in each Box.
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In an interview with the artistic team of The Box 2023 Challenge, we were able to get to know the details of the elements that characterize the houses of Alpha, Beta, Omega and Gamma. Esteban Muñoz, artistic coordinator of the reality show, explained what they used to decorate each space on this occasion:

We are inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of spaces likewise, its functionality to carry out the activities of the program participants,” he said.

Since the City of Boxes is located in the middle of T Obia, Cundinamarca it was really important to the art team to add even more greenery to each location, as well as combine technology with a rustic style on the doors with neon signs.

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What is the biggest challenge for the art department? Time, because they must have the different spaces ready as they were designed.

Under the direction of Jorge Garcia, it was also thought to create comfortable spaces for the participants where they could share the room and that’s why there are colors that identify them: pink, purple, blue and orange. “We have something new. It is the deck with pergola above the pool that gives it dynamism and generate other activities in the space,” Muñoz expressed.

What materials are used to decorate each house? The art coordinator of The Box Challenge revealed that they make use of wood, iron, agglomerates and even recycled elements, as this production is aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

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