The Brazilian team will enter the fight with all for two candidates

 Alert!  The Brazilian team will enter the fight with all for two candidates for the bench of the Universidad de Chile

The season is over, and the University of Chile makes evaluations and analyses in the year 2023 that are somewhat irregular, and that has made Argentine strategist Mauricio Pellegrino one of the most criticized at the institutional level.

So it is almost a fact that the former central defender will not continue in the Azul Sports Center and on the second floor of the U bunker. They are already examining possible names to replace him.

Among the names that have emerged strongly in recent days are two trans-Andes. In that sense, Fernando Gago and Gabriel Milito This seems to be desirable in sports management, despite the high economic costs.

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The Brazilian team will enter the fight for Fernando Gago and Gabriel Milito

However, the fight for the U is not easy at all because, within the continent, other markets also set their eyes on the trans-Andean markets, and this is nothing more and nothing more. The cruise team is trying to restore itself to the continental level after three seasons in Brasileira B.

This time, there were no complications, but they managed to maintain the category. That’s why the management wants to recover the road to victory and the good results of a team that is recognized all over the world.

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He is the reporter for TyC Sports German García Grova, who announced Raposa’s interest in having the two aforementioned strategists. “Cruzeiro has Fernando Gago in the pipeline to become coach in 2024. The coach heads a list to replace Paulo Autuori. In the coming days, the club will set out the steps to follow. Gabriel Milito is one of the candidates,” revealed the communicator.

In a complicated situation for the U, ever-powerful markets begin to compete with your dreams and desires to try again, to establish yourself in the highest positions at the national level, and why not, once and for all, fight for the elusive title since 2017?

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What is the final game for Universidad de Chile in 2023?

The Blues will close their 2023 year by hosting Ñublense for the thirtieth match at the Santa Laura Stadium. In principle, on Saturday, December 9, at 6 p.m.