The bullfighter Juan Ortega was able to cancel his marriage for the third person

The bullfighter Juan Ortega was able to cancel his marriage for the third person

We didn’t talk to each other for several days. Sit in the bullfighter Juan Ortega his partner at the altar grabbed all the headlines and there were many unknowns that emerged around this event that completely changed the social chronicle.

Omar Suárez, journalist and collaborator of ‘Fiesta’, has the first information about the episode that took place on Saturday. What was the real reason that led the right hand to make that decision? Is there a third person?

Well, it seems that the answer to this last question, according to the collaborator of our program, would be affirmative, because a man from a bullfighter background would have threatened to blow up the link.

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The reason why Juan Ortega left Carmen Otte at the altar

The ‘Fiesta’ program this Wednesday, Spanish Constitution Day, is off to a strong start. Omar Suárez wants to end the speculation and revealed the information he has about what happened in the link between Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte.

“A person from the past, who is not supposed to leave, can stop the wedding,” explained the reporter of the space of Emma García. “He threatened to show up on the wedding day and do everything. Faced with this fear, the bullfighter was forced to cancel everything,” said Omar Suárez.

“What they told me opened a melon and gave a twist to everything. The information comes from a person very close to them, he is not a bullfighter but belongs to the world of bullfighting (…) The person from Juan Ortega’s past allegedly threatened to drop the bomb in the middle of the wedding and he should have been forced to cancel everything,” he added. journalist.

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