The Carpentier women would have been spared

The Carpentier women would have been spared

The saddest thing, if we learn in the report of coroner Luc Malouin on the death of the Carpentier girlsit is to mark a series of bad decisions that led to this tragedy that shook the whole of Quebec, in July 2020, but which could have been avoided.

The coroner extensively highlighted, in his 85-page report, the extent to which the directives that came from the management of the SQ, at the time of the disappearance of the girls in the summer of 2020, were poor and insufficient.

This is beyond worrying, from Quebec’s largest police force. SQ has already taken certain steps to correct its practices, particularly in terms of training and staffing.

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But it was too late for Norah and Romy, who paid with their lives, and this was unacceptable.

The Carpentier Women Would Have Been Spared

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Courage that is rare

The girls’ mother, Amélie Lemieux, showed extraordinary courage in calling this public question for the benefit of the entire population of Quebec. He has every reason to take steps to receive compensation from the police force.

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The Emergency Measures Unit, whose mandate is to find and rescue missing persons, should be more active in the future. It continues to struggle with staff shortages, which are not reassuring.

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Bad decisions

There is also reason to doubt the decisions of the Quebec government, which, in 2016 and 2017, decided that the Unit should disappear.

This administrative decision was not well thought out and carried significant risks, to the point that it was changed to make way for the change in 2019.

This new exercise is far from representing a success, because it causes a significant drop in skills, as stated by Me Malouin.

It remains to be hoped that this tragedy, which took two little girls and destroyed the lives of their loved ones, where all our thoughts go, serves as a lesson for the future.

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The Carpentier Women Would Have Been Spared