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The Cause Of The Motorcycle Seat Can’t Be Stopped And The Solution!

The reasons for not closing the seat of a motorcycle are quite diverse. When the seat of a motorcycle cannot be locked, there are most likely a number of reasons that create such a situation. To perform motor maintenance on these components, see this review.

However, the role of the seat itself is also very important. Because we can make it as a storage place.

But what if we can’t lock the seats? Of course this would be dangerous, as it cannot make people responsible for their criminal acts.

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Reasons why motorcycle seats can’t be closed you need to know

The existence of a motorcycle has a very important role, as almost everyone already has one. The reason is that motorbike will make it easier for one to travel without using public transport like buses, taxis etc.

As one of the electronic goods, the motor also never escape the name of the problem, for example on the seat. The seat itself is a component whose existence is also very important to its users.

The reason is that from one seat one can easily and safely store their belongings like groceries. Unfortunately, a problem that often occurs in some people is the seat position that cannot be locked.

If this happens to your favorite vehicle, inevitably you have to deal with it immediately so that nothing untoward happens to you.

But before dealing with this, you also need to know in advance that what are the reasons why we cannot close the seats.

Because knowing many of these reasons will also make it easier to fix it.

Once you know what is causing it, you can immediately take appropriate action so that you can close the position again.

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rusty hinges

The first reason why a motorcycle seat won’t close is because it has started to rust or rust.

Like irons in general, vehicle seat hinges can also experience problems.

Situations like this will cause many unforeseen problems. For example, you can’t when you lock the seat.

Not only that, it is often difficult for users to open when they want to, because of the rusty condition of the hinges.

Meanwhile, rusting on this component can be caused by a number of things. For example, in contact with water and we leave it alone.

Because water can make an object made of metal or iron can rust or rust.

As we already know that rusty conditions will really make it difficult for us to do anything including taking the seat of the motorcycle off. If so, inevitably you will have to remove the rust or rust immediately so that the seat is back to normal.

Motorbikes have a very long life

The reason the motorcycle seat does not lock is because the vehicle is too old or too old. It is not impossible, the performance of all items used for a long time will definitely decrease, including motorcycles.

Because this kind of two wheeler can cause many problems, for example, a seat which is difficult for us to close.

If this situation occurs it is quite dangerous, as it can be the place for irresponsible people to take reckless action.

Because the seat condition is easily opened, there is a risk of theft of the luggage in the seat.

So that such situations make the owner of the vehicle feel lost. Because they can lose what is stored on the seat as someone takes it.

Indeed, a motorbike that has been in use for too long can cause a number of problems, such as being difficult to open or close the seat.

Therefore, to avoid this you should always take care of the motor so that you can still completely cover the components of the seat.

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how to fix

Not only does knowing what causes a motorcycle seat to pop off, but also the process of repairing or overcoming it.

It is very important for you to do this so that the seat position can be re-tightened and other people’s bad actions can be avoided.

Indeed, the position of seats that are difficult to close worries us as vehicle owners when we do parking. Also, if the seat has valuables, it can make us feel at a loss.

To remove it, you can spray a special liquid on the seat hinges and key housing. You can use a lubricant like WD-40 or chain lube to get the seats back to normal.

As we know seat hinges can get dirty which eventually causes us trouble when we want to take them off.

After you have sprayed a particular liquid, open/close the seat mechanism for 3 to 5 times. This is to ensure that the position of the seats is fully lubricated.

Well, if it is lubricated, chances are the seat angle is back to normal and you can do the closing procedure.

The reasons why motorcycle seats don’t close are quite diverse, but the most basic are the result of dirt or rust. So you have to deal with it immediately so that it can be turned off again. (R10/HR-Online)

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