The Challenge: USA: Survivors Proud of Representing Danny and Sarah | beautiful reel

The Challenge: USA: Survivors Proud of Representing Danny and Sarah | beautiful reel

The Challenge: USA: Survivors Proud of Representing Danny and Sarah | beautiful reel

Some Survivor contestants were disappointed with how the final turned out, but were at least proud that the two winners represented their shows.

Even though The Challenge: USA finale ended in controversy, the Survivor alum was proud of Danny McCray and Sarah Lasina for representing the show. The season featured contestants from Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Love Island. In the end, Survivor topped the other three shows.

As TJ Lavin’s final drew to a close, Survivor contestants Desi Williams and Ben Driebergen were both excited to compete. However, Ben was ruled out before the start after injuring his shoulder in the previous challenge. Desi, meanwhile, had his experience cut short when his randomly chosen teammate Enzo Palumbo was knocked out during the swimming phase of the final’s first leg. Nevertheless, Dominic Abbett, Danny, Sarah and Tyson Apostol had the opportunity to represent Survivor and take the win. Unfortunately, Dominic and Tyson were forced to face a Sudoku puzzle that neither of them knew how to complete. According to Tyson, proper instructions were not given and he was not given the opportunity to time the puzzle.

Ben, who was close to Sarah and Danny on the show, said of his fellow Survivor’s win: “It’s great to have them. [Survivor] and for us” and that he “could not be happier for both of them. When Desi finds out that Sarah and Danny have won, she exclaims excitedly, “There aren’t two left who are bringing everything home!” She thinks the contestants on Survivor are more built for The Challenge than any other reality show, and this season’s two previous winning contestants have proved it.

Danny told. Despite being new to the Survivor community compared to some other veterans, he was proud to represent Survivor. Sarah said, “It’s like representing your high school or college. Representation has translated into even smaller victories, like when Big Brother’s Desi and David Alexander won the swimming challenge earlier in the season.

While the number of contestants from each show was not exactly the same – The Amazing Race had only three contestants – the Survivor contestants showed they were physically stronger and better at handling the social politics of reality TV than other shows . , Like Love Island. Sarah had previously won Survivor, and Danny neared his only season. Now he has set a very high standard for Survivor contestants, finally being selected for future seasons of The Challenge: USA.

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