The chaos is about to begin for COB in Pazo

The chaos is about to begin for COB in Pazo

It’s COB’s turn. Last night started the most amazing LEB Oro league in years and this afternoon he will do so with a Pazo eagerly welcoming his team. A completely new squad and an irregular preseason, but guaranteed signings and exciting bets that make a crowd of people who never admit doubts think positively, respond.

Castellón was the first opponent. Demanding, dangerous and on par. Certainly the script is the same on both sides. An opponent of similar weighting to be relied upon for the first victory.

The COB It’s clear where to get it. Because of the confidence in his game and not going out of the script, but above all for defending better than he did in the last period of the preseason. At least be more frequent and don’t lower your arms.

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Félix Alonso wants this to be his signature and at the moment this is the main problem. The Ourense team has bad outside shot success percentage in some of those games, but nothing serious about reliability behind. That’s where the confidence to shoot more accurately starts. The communication vessels of a COB that, with all new staff, must grow as it progresses.

Castellón also has many new players, but it is also guaranteed that the foundations will be built. Starting with the spine. Joan Faner is always there, Eric Sturz is still there and Calvin Hermanson is back. Base, center and front of guarantees.

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It is impossible to cancel two Americans. The objective of the cobistas is to try to reduce them knowing that they have many points in their hands. Stutz is very difficult to defend. Fast for Ivica Radic or Karamo Jawara, big for Samu Rodríguez and versatile for Romaro Gill. It’s not easy for Hermanson either, especially because when he’s on his game it doesn’t matter how close he is to the defense or how far away from the rim.

On the other side of the field, COB also has arguments that cause harm. With Justin Turner already showing the quality he has in A Coruña, but with players like Mindaugas Kacinas, Jawara, Radic or Adika Peter-McNeilly who have to pull the wagon. And the rest, add them all. Starting with a base couple that still seems to be at the time of definition, but with Javi López always very good and claiming ownership and a Sergio Llorente with many doubts, but more quality to be released at any time and demand tributes. A lot of important names to start a league that sells itself.

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