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The Christmas Lottery, through the eyes of foreigners: “It seems crazy to me, it is of public interest”

Las Christmas lights They are already appearing on Spanish streets, companies gear up for winter campaigns with their best Christmas clothes and television gives the first signs of the festivities. But we Spaniards know that, no matter how maria: do Try Ushering in Christmas in Spain to the Rhythm of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ The festivities don’t begin until the Christmas Lottery drums sound state lotteries and gambling; Something that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially those who have come from abroad.

We Spaniards prepare for one of the most followed events of the year via the Internet and traditional media. The draw will continue as is the tradition December 22 at the Teatro Real in Madrid And as is tradition, it can be followed from Lasexta as well.

The day of the draw is a date of unbridled emotions, merriment, costumes and anecdotes, something that we Spaniards have internalized a lot. However, those who haven’t grown up with the phenomenon may be surprised by the anticipation that has arisen around games of chance. What is the plan visitors why were Residents Dispersed on December 22 by the sentiments of other countries?

“I think it’s crazy, it’s a matter of public interest”

Guidiana Landiver left Bolivia to study in Spain In 2016. Shortly after landing in Madrid, he had his first contact with gambling. “I was surprised that it was an event that led to the formation of a club uniting class members through the purchase of a massive lottery,” Landiver recalled on Lasexta of his days studying a master’s degree. commented. recognizes Even today he doesn’t understand the system Of the game, but this is not a big problem for him. “Everyone around me understands it very well, I don’t need to know much,” he says.

It seems like there is a danger that everyone can become rich and you can’t.

Finally, in his third living in Spain and already working in his company, he decided to buy the stake. Then he discovered one of the biggest motivations was winning the Christmas Lottery. “It seems like there is danger Everyone Can Get Rich And You Can’t“, says Landiver, who also asked his boss how the company had a number for itself. “It was very difficult for me to understand,” he admits.

For that, there would be an equivalent American lottery in Bolivia, although it doesn’t live anywhere near Spain. Above all, he is surprised that there are public places to broadcast the results on television. “It sounds crazy to me. it is a matter of public interest“, reflects Landiver. In addition, he understands that the passion he raises is not because of the possibility of victory, but because” it’s a mini-party.

asked by children of san ildefonso smiles and says after a moment’s silence that it looks like they are “pretty well trained”.

“It is irrational and sentimental, the weight of the social outweighs the mathematical”

Axel Romero lived in Spain for two years from 2016 to 2018. Now he returns to live in his native province of Catamarca (Argentina), from where he remembers how he lived the Christmas season in Spain. It was late 2016 when her classmates even offered to buy lottery participation between them all. “The Christmas lottery became a recurring topic of conversation,” recalls Romero, who began talking about “historical winners, cabals, rituals, places to buy tickets … Argento acknowledged that no matter how much he investigated Of course, he never finished to understand “the mechanism of bets and raffles”.

At first, the spirit of the lottery seems to him “irrational and sentimental, like so many other cultural phenomena and traditions.” For Romero, this case, “has more social weight than mathematical”. As for a counterpart in his land, he assures that there is no such phenomenon as the Christmas Lottery on a national scale, although there are two bingo halls in his province that have become “a cultural fact” over the years. “They are the focus of a large number of speculators and people,” he explains. Like Spain, it is broadcast by “radial, television and digital media of the province”.

Anyway, there is something that led him to associate the Spanish Lottery with Argentina: “The children of San Ildefonso remind me of ‘Les Luthiers’ … the children of the Cotolengo choir of Santa Eduviges.”

“It’s the pure illusion that sharing creates”

Jeral Vallejo has also been living in Madrid for four years after leaving his Dominican Republic Native to settle in the Spanish capital. For him, the Christmas lottery is not a strange thing, as the Caribbean country also has their Christmas raffle. ,there we share the same culture“, Vallejo comments, although his games have more varied prizes. “Besides money, houses and vehicles are also up for grabs,” he explains of the draw managed by the National Lottery of the Dominican Republic.

Vallejo has been participating in the Christmas Lottery since he arrived in Spain, although he is not one to sit and watch it. in his country he preferred to wake up the next day and Check if he was “one of the lucky ones”.

What surprises them most is how the Christmas lottery becomes one of the main topics and sparks madness among the Spaniards. He believes that it is for “the pure confusion generated by sharing this raffle.” It also highlights man’s ability to believe in destiny: “Hope is the last thing to lose, even if the dreams are bigger than the chances of winningVallejo concluded.

“I don’t understand the excitement”

Although the enthusiasm of the Christmas lottery can be contagious, many people are immune to his charms, This is the case of Fernando Caballero, who arrived from Panama in the summer of 2021 and who heard about the lottery through his roommate.

According to the Panamanian living in Madrid, there is no other lottery game in his country that attracts so many people. maybe that’s why he just doesn’t understand the commotion Which originates around the event of 22 December. “I don’t understand the excitement, but If it makes players happy…,

Something that really caught his attention were the hours that the children of San Ildefonso chanted their famous “Thousand Euros!” Spent singing. “That’s my answer”, ditched Caballero.

“Last year I saw a queue in Callao that seemed to last for hours”

Brittany Buckley is an American citizen from the state of Pennsylvania. Although he arrived in Spain four years ago He only knew about the lottery two years ago, when a friend of his proposed to play along. ,i never checked Although I had seen it on billboards and in places for sale, I thought it was like a normal lottery,” Buckley told Lasexta.

at the time they thought it would be like powerball, Million-dollar lotteries are played every week in the United States, but now he realizes the difference. A Powerball prize record has been broken this month: $20.4 million to a California player“, explains the Americans; an award that means a Historical record in this draw And that it is a far cry from the four million euros for a series to be distributed in Spain by Christmas Gordo.

Buckley played the Christmas lottery the first time with his friend two years ago and got stoned. ,we earned more than expected“, he admits. He is surprised above all How do people go “crazy” and the queues that form in the center of Madrid. “Last year I saw a queue in Callao that seemed like hours,” he says.

But if this American resident finds anything strange, it is the involvement of the children of San Ildefonso. ,Why are kids calling out the numbers in adult gambling games? I don’t know, it just sounds weird to me,” he reflects.

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