The Church of San Pedro de Gata, an Asset of Cultural Interest classified as a Monument

The Church of San Pedro de Gata, an Asset of Cultural Interest classified as a Monument

The Official Journal of Extremadura (DOE) published this Monday the decree declaring the Parish Church of San Pedro in the town of Gata in Cáceres to be of Cultural Interest (BIC) with the Monument category.

This action aims to complete the decision of the General Directorate of Plastic Arts, Archives and Libraries of August 5, 1982, which initiated the BIC declaration file in favor of this church.

As the Extremadura executive has defended, it is a unique building with undeniable historical and artistic values within the religious architecture of the Sierra de Gata and Extremadura region.

Prominent figures of the Extremadura Renaissance participated in its construction, such as the master Juan Bravo de Brozas, the sculptor Pedro de Paz or the painter Pedro de Córdoba.

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Its value also lies in the image of the building itself, which dominates the urban fabric of the historic site of Gata. “offer a typical mountain scene of undeniable scenic value”.

The parish church of Gata appears from the outside as a building of “extraordinary” solidity and emphasized forms, made entirely of “excellent” granite masonry.

Located at the foot of the monument in the south-west corner, the parish tower protrudes slightly from the facade and has very slender proportions, a prismatic structure and a quadrangular plan.

The interior of the church consists of a single but very wide nave divided into two sections separated by a slightly tapering arch.

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The main chapel is almost square in plan, slightly lower and narrower than the main body of the nave, and covered with a ribbed vault decorated with plant motifs, stars and a relief of Saint Peter.

On the epistle side, the sacristy opens its lintel showing a cross of the Alcántara Order and at the foot of the temple is the choir loft and in the base. In addition, the chapel of Soledad can be seen on the canvas of the letter.

To the objects connected with the church The main altarpiece is noteworthy a magnificent piece of architecture, sculpture and painting born of the current generated by the realization of the Santa María de Cáceres Altarpiece.

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On the sides of the altarpiece are two Baroque polychrome carvings from the end of the 17th century, representing Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint Peter of Alcántara.

In short, according to the board, it is a “paradigmatic monument in the heritage of the Sierra de Gata region and is part of the cultural assets of Extremadura, which must be preserved and protected in the best conditions for their heritage future generations”.


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