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The collapse of the nuclear dialogue between the US and Russia


Jorge Cachineroel March 27, 2023

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, announced on February 21, 2023, the suspension of Russia’s participation in the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The reasons given by President Putin for making this decision are many;

  • The bold actions of the United States in Russia made this inevitable.
  • The resulting erosion of bilateral relations between the world’s two largest nuclear powers.
  • In Ukraine, he declared his intention to continue the situation in Ukraine, after Russia declared a hybrid war in that country.
  • Subversion of New START’s military supplies.
  • The denial of the US towards the principle of “individual security” was claimed by Moscow.
  • A violation of the US principles of “cooperation” and “mutual trust”.
  • After February 2022, a dramatic action took place in the circumstances surrounding the relationship between the parties, which configure a new reality in which people’s safety is at stake.

    Moscow is believed to want the U.S. to allay Russia’s security concerns, despite having spent years passing badly on its side.

    Also, according to the Russian government, the recent withdrawal of more than 100 units of certain US strategic weapons from the obligations of New START, against the clauses of the said agreement and without showing any willingness to compromise with Russia in this regard. look back, they have damaged Russian confidence in American intentions.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, Russia has announced its intention to comply with the notification clause of the treaty in the Notification of intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, or ballistic missiles for short.

    Said Agreement – Agreement Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Notification of Launches of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) and Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) or Ballistic Missile Submarine Missile Launch Notification, in English, has been signed. , in May 1988, between the US. UU and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

    Russia therefore continues to inform the US of its strategic missile defense plans and expects the US government to reciprocate.

    Russian RS-28 Samrat missile.

    But it is difficult to imagine the parties going back to the previous situation, given that;

  • Russia accuses the US of trying to inspect strategic locations where Russia has installed these weapons, without Russian inspectors doing the same.
  • In December 2022, Russia rescinded Ukrainian drones that were being directed by US operatives located in Ukraine, against Engels strategically located on Russian soil, which could be considered, according to the Russians, as an accident of war.
  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) insists and insists that it wants to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia.
  • Unfortunately, without understanding US-Russia nuclear instruments, it is impossible to imagine designing a new, stable and constructive environment in a world that is increasingly multipolar on the nuclear side.

    If the new STARTO is not injected into the pain, it will instantly become impossible to revive it.

    In order to observe the limits and full compliance with that treaty and the Strategic Dialogue should include China and take into account the nuclear capabilities of NATO member nations, that is, France and Britain.

    But the world is witnessing the last act of depressing the system that was kept between the two global powers during the Cold War.

    Optimists think that nuclear agreements between the two great powers have a very gloomy prognosis, and pessimists believe that the concept of arms control is a mechanism for years of peace, so that by 2022 its application will be impossible.

    According to Moscow, in the current situation, a hybrid war has been provoked by the US in Ukraine, in which weapons – howitzers, infantry vehicles, anti-lake missiles, uranium-enhanced weapons, tanks or combat aircraft – and strategic intelligence from US satellites. attack on Russian military signals has moved the world one step away from open armed conflict that could escalate into nuclear war.

    US targets anti-missile tanks.

    Russia believes that its security architecture is already a given if this system does not take into account and protect its historical geostrategic priorities, that is, its western borders and free access to warm seas throughout the year, through its naval bases. the crime

    Putin asked, in 2021, for Biden and his team to guarantee security needs, even under the effects of the Minsk syndrome, which we now know, through the mouth of Angela Merkel and François Hollande, to deceive and buy Russia from the West. a period of ongoing preparation for a hybrid war in Ukraine.

    In 2023, on the other hand, Putin decided to create, through the facts, what security guarantees Russia needs.

    In Moscow in March 2023, during three days of changing the world, Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin emphasized the joint statement by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev at the end of their summit. 1985, that “there can be no nuclear war. It was won and never fought.”

    xi (i), Putin (r), Kremlin, March 21, 2023, p.

    Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland, the updated version of America’s Gang Four, pose a threat to the survival of a man.

    The Gang of Four (1966-1976), China, above: Jiang Qing (i), the last wife of Mao Zedong, leader of the group and fanatic of all, Zhang Chunqiao (d); bottom: Yao Wenyuan (i), Wang Hongwen (r).

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    Jorge Cachineroel March 27, 2023

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