The Commonwealth is launching a plan to clean up the beaches of the western Costa del Sol

The Commonwealth is launching a plan to clean up the beaches of the western Costa del Sol

It was a first meeting and a real beginning. The President of the Community of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol met this Monday with the Delegate of the Technical Office, María Heredia, and the Delegate of the Beaches of Torremolinos, Francisco Manuel Cerdán. At the meeting, the main lines of action were discussed with the technicians of the joint unit to start the elaboration of a joint plan for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the beaches in the regions.

“The final solution for the beaches will be agreed with the communities and we will ask all institutions to work together.” In this sense, Cardeña has assured that the Commonwealth is ready to invest through its own investments, such as the joint investment plans, which will be implemented throughout the region are distributed and amounted to almost 10 million euros in 2022 to contribute financially to the project. The global economic assessment was one of the key points of this meeting, “and to see where the Commonwealth can contribute.”

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The purpose of Cardeña is to join forces. At present, each community is requesting stabilization plans from the central government to halt the damage each storm inflicts on the beaches, particularly in the east, where in some areas it is virtually disappearing. “The idea is first to engage with local authorities to find out about their local rehabilitation projects and not only bring them together in a coherent and synergistic project by the Commonwealth, but also complete it through the preparation of these parts.” that were not developed,” explained Cardeña.

Government support

Last March, after the storms that devastated the coast of Malaga, the government approved an emergency budget item of 1.3 million from the Minister for the Environment to repair the damage caused. Demarkation of Coasts carried out a number of actions taking into account sand contributions, shoreline profiling and ledge removal on 39 beaches.

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When the summer period comes to an end, the investment of 2.6 million euros made available by the Ministry of Ecological Transition to carry out complementary works along the entire coast of Malaga will be added. The investment is divided into two lots: one for the hardest hit west coast with a tender budget of 1,630,117 euros and another for the east zone for 990,404 euros. Both will take six months to complete.

“From the Commonwealth, we want to lead a regional movement to avoid these situations, and we want to do it by contributing more than just promises, with a sound technical project and with investments,” Cardeña explained.

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