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A few days ago we told that the bus company mi kotsu was involved in controversy with feminists in Japan by announcing the release of two anime characters that would serve as its official mascots. It is about a man and a woman, but it was its design that attracted criticism from women.

It was revealed that the feminist community was troubled by the fact that the girl’s design “shows her as a sexual object and she is merely a suggestive poser.” Unfortunately, these types of disputes usually result in the women succeeding in getting the project they stood up against canceled. But it seems that Mie Kotsu is not a company that this group can break up.

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This is the first time Mie Kotsu has created official anime characters. From January 26 to 29 this year, the company invited its users to propose names that their youth representatives would wear in the bus driver uniform. It is also giving a reward of 50 thousand yen to the person who proposes the selected names.

What was the company’s response to this controversy? On February 2, Mi Kotsu released an official statement informing: «We are aware of the various opinions received, but there will be no changes to this campaign», and even buses marked with these letters are already in operation.

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This “don’t yield” attitude has given fans hope back in the anime industry. Joe hopes that more companies will start ignoring the poorly founded criticism of feminists in Japan:

  • ,It is always wise to ignore criticism from people who are not even users of your services. First of all, what’s wrong with the character?,
  • ,That looks good to me. Whenever a group is against your project, you should think about whether they use the service you offer.,
  • ,It was interesting to see that feminists even started editing the girl’s design to “bring it up to their standards” and then started praising her with her new design. However, the act of editing a copyrighted image is a crime in itself.,
  • ,The male character is really attractive and has a nice body, but have you seen any man complaining about that?,
  • ,I ask myself this all the time, but what’s the point of criticizing a two-dimensional character? This is a world of imagination and fantasy,
  • ,I think change is in process, more and more companies are ignoring the requests of this group,
  • ,I feel like an old man from the Showa era who has to say something when he sees a young girl being too exposed.,


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