The controversial incidents of the wedding of Baby Etchecopar and Silvia Cupeiro

The controversial incidents of the wedding of Baby Etchecopar and Silvia Cupeiro:

After seven years of love, Baby Etchecopar married her partner, Silvia Cupeiro. The couple first went through the civil registry and this Saturday, November 9, they led a full-blown party that was attended not only by their close relatives but also by their close friends and close colleagues in the media. However The night was full of magic, Susana Roccasalvo revealed that the celebration suffered from unexpected events that caused scandal throughout the night.

On his part, Baby talked to “Implacables,” the program sponsored by the communicator of Channel 9, and there he admitted that it was very difficult to put the list of guests. “They told me ‘if he goes, I’m not going’ and I told Jony Viale it’s tight”revealed to the reporter. “The arrival of Gustavo Sofovich and Marcela Tinayre is too much. I said ‘it’s going to end like a Greek wedding'”Etchecopar said.

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Regarding the mega party held at the exclusive Rüt Haus party hall under the organization of Claudia Villafañe, Susana Roccasalvo reported that in the organization of the wedding there “a lot of trouble” and some incidents. “There are complaints from journalists, cameramen and photographers who are at the door. There is a group of security people who are a little necessary, with a half-thug attitude, which is not appropriate”he detailed.

“It’s not the door of a bowling alley, it’s the door of the marriage of a very famous person,” said Roccasalvo and then added: “The attitude should be different.” “And that the press is already there uninvited, but we go with a different attitude, to have images, words of a man. “Almost a well-known photographer wrestled with one of them.”driver commitment.

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