The controversial message that Chano uploaded to the network when consulted by Justin Bieber: He later deleted it

In a round trip with his fans, he surprised with a revelation about bad conditions that he sang on several occasions.

long time ago Chano Charpentier He has become a habit that his fans love and recognize him. He communicates with them through his social networks and answers all the questions they ask: how to overcome addictionEven, for example, sending someone a video congratulating them on their birthday.

On Thursday night, the singer sent a message from his Twitter account, which he has more than 800,000 followers, in which started promoting a show That he is going to do it on December 3 at Quality Espacio in Córdoba, announcing that tickets are already on sale.

that was enough for me then “What is happening?”, so that his followers begin to write to him. Most of them asked him to play in their city, naming places like Mar del Plata, Tucumán, Entre Ríos and even Paraguay.

Chano frequently communicates with his fans through the Charpentier network.  Instagram photo.

Chano frequently communicates with his fans through the Charpentier network. Instagram photo.

Then the singer began to answer those he could. “Okay,” he replied to the person who asked him how he was. He clarified that for now he had not planned a show in Paraguay, and mentioned the show that he would be presenting at Luna Park next November 3: “3D n everything flies too. I’m not going to add anything else. It’s the only one”He clarified.

Someone also asked him if he was going to the press conference, to which Chano replied that he was not, because “I don’t want to talk nonsense” (sic). Another person asked him if he would be a jury in the reality show? voice of argentina (Telefe, Sunday to Thursday at 10:30 p.m.) And his response was overwhelming: “not my style”,

Chano Responds That He Wouldn't Be a Part of the Reality Jury "Sound",  Twitter

Chano replied that he would not be part of the jury of the reality show “La Voz”. Twitter

Then he kept on talking about the torrential downpour that night, his favorite songs, tattoos, projects and more. until A user asked him what he thought about Justin Bieber and the cancellation of his concerts in Argentina.

Chano uploaded this message as a response to a follower and then deleted it.  Twitter

Chano uploaded this message as a response to a follower and then deleted it. Twitter

“I love Justin. Same, I played with the paralyzed face a thousand times”The former leader of the so bionic, However, they deleted the message a few minutes later, though some users managed to capture it and replicate it over the network.

The day a video of a Chano show went viral in which he was very bad

In March, Chano Moreno Charpentier performed at the Gran Ituzingo Theatre. And, according to his fans, Not seen in good condition. At least that seems to be the case in one video from the show that went viral on Twitter and left his followers worried.

in pictures, The singer is seen staggering while performing on stage lokaOne of the most popular hits by Tan Bionica, the band he led until 2016. Obviously, he can’t even phrase the lyrics of the song perfectly.

“Chano fans are concerned about singer’s mental health”, warned journalist Sebastian Tempon, and shared a message from a follower of the musician. ,Didn’t anyone realize that Chano could not sing in that state? I ask you a limit. Mental health matters more than performing well,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, a viewer from the show on Ituzingo wrote: “The last time I heard my favorite national anthem was Personal Celebration 2016, last night I saw and heard you again. But Please, Chano, let yourself help because it hurt us all to see you like this, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t your essence,


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