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Monday, March 8, 2021

The country got the first ‘movement’ in the form of Prashant Bhushan, do not know where UP and Haryana are

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today used the word ‘movement’ in the Rajya Sabha. Addressing the Rajya Sabha, the PM said that in the last few years a new group has emerged – the movement of activists, whether it is lawyers ‘movement, students’ movement, reaches everywhere.

PM Modi said that these agitators are parasites, the country needs to be protected from these agitators. As soon as PM Modi’s statement was discussed on Twitter, Prashant Bhushan immediately gave an example of this, and proved that he is neither a laborer nor an intellectual.

In fact, on Twitter, Prashant Bhushan, who became the Messiah of the Left-Liberals, retweeted a video on Sunday (February 07, 2021) which read, “Today the peasant movement on Charkhi Dadri.” Retweeting this, Prashant Bhushan wrote, “The BJP may have lost Uttar Pradesh in the wake of winning Bengal.”

In fact, Prashant Bhushan was not aware that Charkhi-Dadri is located in the state of Haryana, not Uttar Pradesh. Kanchan Gupta of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) tweeted a screenshot of Prashant Bhushan’s tweet, writing, “Charkhi Dadri is in Haryana. Remember the Saudi and Kazakh (Kazakhstan) aircraft crashed in this place in 1996 and the fields were full of burnt corpses? RSS workers were the first people to help on the spot and they were collecting human remains. Most of the passengers who died were Muslims. Where were you that day? “

Kanchan Gupta wrote that he was present there that day. Significantly, on November 12, 1996, two planes crashed into the air at Charkhi-Dadri place. About 349 people were killed in this plane crash. The bodies of the passengers were spread over a radius of about 10 km. This accident happened late in the evening, so there was a lot of difficulty in rescue and relief work and the RSS then helped in relief and rescue work.

This tweet by Prashant Bhushan has become a topic of discussion once again after the Prime Minister’s speech today. Where are the people that Prashant Bhushan is neither an intellectual because he does not know even Charkhi-Dadri, nor is he a laborer, because he was present somewhere on the day of the plane crash. The remaining one category now survives is that of the agitation and the best example of this is Prashant Bhushan.

PM Modi said that some are intellectuals, but some people have become agitators, whatever happens in the country, they reach there, sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes on the front, by identifying such people, we have to avoid them because these agitators are only There are parasites, which are found everywhere.

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