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The couple who planned the attack on Kirchner are indicted; see what was the plan

Brazil’s Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, and his girlfriend Brenda Uilliarte, 23, were formally charged with attempted murder in the September 1 attack on Argentina’s Vice President Cristina. The court also formalized the preventive custody of the couple, who had already been detained, and imposed a bond in the amount of 100 million Argentine pesos (about R$3.5 million).

Judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti, through a 95-page motion, classified the couple as co-authors of a serious attempted murder.

“Sabag Montiel and Uilliart acted with a determined intention to cause the death of the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, according to the previous plan drawn up by both, the result of which was not achieved, remaining in the degree of effort”, Supposedly in magisterial resolution.

“The weapon was aimed at a significant portion and within a few centimeters of the person being attacked. There is no doubt that it has the potential to cause the death of the victim”, he says.

Regarding the condition of the other two prisoners, Augustina Diaz, a friend of Brenda Uliarte, and Nicolas Carrizo, a member of the group that sells cotton candy, the judge is still awaiting more evidence to confirm the role of the cover-up. are doing.

reassessment of the attempted offense

Reconstruction of the assassination plan was possible through the cell phones of those involved, with the exception of Sabag Montiel’s phone, whose contents were wiped by federal police during an attempt to unlock the device. These were indicated as the most important information.

Five months earlier, on April 22, Brenda Uliarte purchased a 32-caliber semiautomatic pistol with the numbering partially erased. In a conversation with a friend, via the WhatsApp application, Brenda said that the item was bought to “scare” an ex-boyfriend who had harassed her.

On July 4, in a conversation with her friend Augustina Diaz, Brenda states that she “goes with the pistol and shoots Christina”, however, without explaining how to carry out the attack, killing the Vice President. The decision was highlighted. “The question is how, because the old lady is safe,” Brenda wonders about the vice president.

“Cotton Candy Gang”

What was later found to be an alleged sale of cotton candy, a branch the couple had entered with a group of other vendors. It is possible to see Cotton in images of demonstrations in front of Christina Kirchner’s home, which began on August 22, when justices sought 12 years in prison for the vice president for corruption.

The guise of cotton candy vendors made it possible to conduct intelligence work without drawing attention to Christina Kirchner’s activities. Also, thanks to the image of cotton candy standing out in the crowd, it is now possible to know when the pair were or were not present at the demonstrations. The unusual sale of cotton candy at night among adult demonstrators caught the attention of no more than 100 security guards guarding Christina Kirchner.

“In the days before [ao atentado], more precisely on August 27, Sabag Montiel is seen in the vicinity of the Vice President’s house, observing his activities with intent to commit a crime, but on that occasion, he chose not to execute him because He understood that he could not contact her. If enough for the victim. At that time, he sent a message to his wife and told her that he [Cristina Kirchner] had already entered his house and he [Brenda] brought him nothing, with reference to the alleged pistol that both of them held to commit the offence”, the judge described in his judgment.

After a failed attempt, Brenda Uilliart introduced herself to TV cameras as Amber, saying that she had not seen her boyfriend, Fernando Sabag Montiel, for two days. Fernando himself said in his statement that “he had nothing to do with the attack” and “he acted alone”.

However, in the footage captured by the protesters’ cellphones, one can see how Brenda leaves the scene of the crime when Sabag Montiel passes by as she is taken to the police after being surrendered by the terrorists. . “Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte was a few meters away when people there separated Fernando André Sabag Montiel from a group of people around the Vice President’s residence,” says the judge.

“I didn’t think, at the time, that Fernando had a gun. I didn’t see the action either. I found out only after I left”, testified Brenda Uilliarte, the evidence being refuted.

Defending Brenda, “I want to clarify that I have neither hatred nor resentment towards anyone. I would never be able to do anything like this. I consider it something unusual.” However, when Brenda gave her version, the contents of her cell phone indicated another reality.

“There is no doubt that both of them had the firearm which they would use to commit the murder, with full knowledge of its proper functioning and ability to shoot, for which they had committed the murder. [a arma] The area in the vicinity of the victim’s domicile was filled with ammunition of the same caliber they already knew, in accordance with the intelligence actions the two carried out at the place, that Ms. The Vice President spent a long time greeting the public”, the judge concluded.

approach strategy

On July 5, Brenda wrote to Fernando that “Argentina must have blood to clean.”

“It’s possible to do that. You just have to find the way. I know how to use “iron” [pistola], I’m not a sniper, but I get close. You have to wait for a void, be a strategist,” wrote Brenda, revealing that she was the mastermind behind the plan.

The project progressed to such an extent that, on August 23, Sabag Montiel wrote to him about renting an apartment near Christina Kirchner’s home. They wanted to live in a property close to the crime scene.

“The hired man answered me so we could see [o apartamento] on Saturday. I told her we would have the money to do the signing”, Fernando said, insisting that Cristina had to give “popcorn”.

“We are very close to the lady” [Cristina], Yes, you need to go and give him some popcorn. Do you know what we need? from a sniper. She stands on the porch and bam, a shot to the head to finish her off,” Brenda urged.

By 27 August, Fernando Sabag Montiel warned Brenda Uilliart that he was unable to execute the shot. “He’s already [no edifício], She’s up, but I don’t think she’s coming out. So it’s gone. leave it there. I go to that Don’t bring anything”, said the Brazilian. “What a bastard… she understands”, Brenda revolts.

“No, not that I realize it. Now there’s a TV camera and some people are there. People are leaving. That was the time. It had to happen. It’s too late now”, laments Fernando.

The Moment Of Attack On Christina Kirchner - Reproduction - Reproduction

Attack Against Christina Kirchner

Image: reproduction

escape strategy

Fernando commented on the extremists who gathered daily in front of Christina Kirchner’s house to face corruption cases. And imagine what the reaction would be to the shots.

“What fun do these ‘fagots’ give me, taking pictures, auditorium monkeys, pretending to be peronists. You show up there with pistols shooting and you know how everyone runs away? Panic, chaos. If I shoot, after shots they’ll know I have a gun. I’ll have to take out the magazine and they’ll have to take the pistol from me. But there won’t be any bullets. So, they’ll kill me. Many can catch me, but Others will run away”, Fernando fantasizes about the crime scene. “You think they won’t catch you? The thing is, pop the popcorn and run away,” recommends Brenda.

On the same day, August 27, Brenda wrote to her friend Augustina Diaz, whom she defined as “the love of my life”.

“I’m going to be the liberator of Argentina. I’m shooting. I know how to use a gun. Today I become San Martín [libertador da Argentina], I will kill Christina. I got tired of talking to him and doing nothing. I will do this. The spirit of San Martin entered my body. Before I can shoot her, the bastard comes in”, Brenda tells her friend. “I killed Christina. It didn’t happen because she came in. I’m angry! I sent a man to kill Christie”, repeats Brenda with the air of the author of the plan.

When her friend asked how much the contractor charged for the murder, Brenda replied: “He didn’t accuse me. He did it because he’s fed up too. I (Christina) steal and get away with it. I’m done.”

on the hour

“After a detailed preparation, we arrived on 1 September, when they had the opportunity to contact the victim, who was hiding among the men of Fernandez de Kirchner’s security guard”, the judge said.

Infiltrating the militants, Fernando Sabag Montiel pointed his pistol a few centimeters from Christina Kirchner’s face. He pulled the trigger, but missed the bullet. There was no projectile in the chamber, a necessary rear step for shooting.

“But what happened that the shot was missed? Didn’t he practice earlier or did he fail in the adrenaline of the moment? Where are you? Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to go back to your home?”, asked his friend Augustina , warning that “they’re going to be looking for Brenda everywhere.” Location if they find you are an ally.

Brenda explains, “If this happens, I will leave for another country and also change my identity. I have little money and acquaintances. I am leaving, but first I want to do something for the country ”

The judge justified preventive detention for this flight risk. In addition to aggravated manslaughter, there was an offense for illegally carrying a weapon of illegal origin, for stockpiling ammunition without legal authorization and for forgery of a public document.

Fernando Sabag Montiel is the son of Chile and Argentina. He was born in So Paulo, but has lived in Buenos Aires since childhood.

Christina thank God, and the attack is viewed with suspicion.

This Thursday (16) Christina Kirchner spoke for the first time. “I am alive thanks to God and our lady. I felt that I had to give thanks while surrounded by priests, religious sisters and the poor”, declared the vice president in front of the priests working in Favell, whom he called to the Senate.

Consultancy Reputação Digital measured people’s reaction to social networks. There were 801,000 records of conversations about the attack by 256,000 people. The result indicated that 62.5% of the responses did not believe in the attack.

Another consultant, Trepuntozero, reached similar results: 53.6% believe the attack was invented by Christina Kirchner to victimize herself, while 30.8% believe in an attempted murder. Another 8.1% interpret it as an isolated case of violence committed by an unbalanced person.

When asked whether they would be willing to demonstrate in the streets to support Christina Kirchner and reject the attack, 28.6% responded in the affirmative, while 71.4% replied in the negative.

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