The courage of teachers to strike to save public schools

The Lewiston massacre was the failure of a system

I have so much respect for these women who have been on the streets these past few days. I find them very brave. As one of them told me: “It’s better to have a month without school with this strike than to keep driving into a wall.”

It takes a lot of courage and determination to strike. In this time of economic uncertainty, depriving yourself of your salary to go on strike is surely undeniable proof that they are at the end of their rope.

Public school in ruins

Should we remember that almost 20% of new teachers leave in the first five years? Difficulty in classes.

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This is not the subject of these negotiations, but the lack of maintenance of the school asset $ 7.6 billion for all of Quebec. The state of disrepair in the schools is certainly commensurate with the difficulty experienced by the teachers in the schools.

If only they were well paid … They make $56,000 to get in and have 16 steps to get to the top! For comparison, STM bus drivers have 3 levels, which only take 3 years to reach!

One teacher wrote to me: “I started teaching at 22 and got my first full-time job at 33.” Another: “I was a high school teacher for 12 years, (and) I worked for 9 years with a net salary of $750 ($19,500/year) every two weeks after 4 years of university. “

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Ridiculous offers from the government

It’s been 40 years since teachers in Quebec went on an indefinite general strike. They are waging this fight for themselves, but also for the students and for the future of public schools.

Between 2008 and 2014, the salary of specialist doctors increased by 67%, 8.9% per year on average! Deputies voted 30% recently, and we offered 21% to the police.

I want to understand what kind of logic the government can think of that teachers, nurses and other state workers should accept 10.3% for 5 years? It’s not serious!

The Courage Of Teachers To Strike To Save Public Schools