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The “craftsmanship” of Governor Newsom


“Nonsense!” “Alakazan!” “Presto-chango!” Magicians use these common choruses to express their seemingly supernatural tricks to culminate. When I was young, I was fascinated by masters of deception. In the tricks of other magicians, “craftsmanship” is my obsession. What is equally amazing and confusing is that I have been confused by this clever illusion time and time again. Try my best, I can’t figure it out.

Through learning, I discovered the mastery behind the trick: deception. This phrase refers to ingenious behaviors designed for two purposes—entertaining and manipulating bystanders. Attracting the audience through intimate and charming hand movements, the audience will never capture the moment when they are deceived into thinking that they are not deceived. The bottom line is that if you don’t observe the magician’s hand carefully, you will be mistaken for looking in the wrong direction. In the end, you will believe what the magician wants you to think-magic makes magic happen.

Today, when I am attracted by the false narratives continued by our state and national elected officials, I often think of the tricks I have. Among the leaders of our country, Governor Gavin Newsom claimed to be at the center of the attempt to deceive California residents, that the governor’s recall election on September 14 was nothing but the brainchild of the “Republican Party.”

You will notice that every ballot mailed to California voters is accompanied by a voter guide, which describes the recall as the result of a conspiracy at the national level by supporters of the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. More precisely, the guide includes a statement by Governor Newsom stating that the election happened because the Republican National Committee (RNC) was determined to seize power in California.

This kind of conversation is nothing new. As early as March, Newsom was quoted as saying that the promotion of the vote was a “Recall of the Republican Party, which has won the Republican National Committee, anti-mask and anti-vaccine extremists, and pro-people who want to overthrow the last election and oppose most of the election. The support of Trump’s forces”. Everything we do to fight the pandemic. “

Again, this is not an isolated incident. Newsom has consistently described the upcoming election as “the removal of the Republican leadership” in speeches, public statements and social media posts. He also regularly goes deep into the Republican Party across the country, linking his political destiny with the development of other parts of the country. For example, on August 16, he wrote in a Twitter post: “Republicans want to drive California off the cliffs of Florida and Texas.”

Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that Orrin Heatlie and Mike Netter, the main supporters of the recall movement, recently went to court.

In early August, Heatlie and Netter sued Secretary of State Shirley Weber over the language of the voter guide. They argued in the initial petition that Newsom should be ordered to modify the text of the statement in the guidelines to eliminate claims that Republicans and Trump supporters are the first to initiate a recall election nationwide. They called these statements “misleading at best, completely wrong at worst, and exaggerated anger in any case.” They asked the court to instruct the governor to delete text accusing Republicans of abusing California’s recall law in order to gain power in the state.

Chief Justice Laurie Earl did not hold Newsom’s false statements accountable, but issued a preliminary ruling approving Newsom’s false propaganda. As a result of Judge Earle’s ruling, families across California have received false and deceptive information about the movement behind the recall election.

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The fact that these families will not read is that many of the 46 candidates nominated as possible replacements for Newsom in the second part of the recall ballot are not Republicans.

They will not read the fact that neither the RNC nor the California Republican Party supported any candidates in the recall election.

They won’t read the fact that the Democrats have supported Newsom’s cause across the country. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other top politicians have issued public statements urging California voters to support the governor.

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They will not read that small business owners are unhappy with Newsom’s restrictive public health measures that make it difficult for them to open the door and keep employees on the roster.

When Newsom closes the gates of public schools and sends their children to private schools at the same time, they will not read that parents worry about their children’s ability to make up for all the learning they missed.

They will not read that many individual voters—Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and others—have been willing to publicly urge Newsom to be recalled.

Of course, they will be able to read what the recall supporters say in their own statements. (After all, the voter guide provides space for both parties.) But they will also see Newsom’s narrow and distorted assertions about the nature of the removal movement.

This is a shame. The governor should not downplay the many urgency reasons that California voters have discovered, and let him step down.

We should remember that California residents elect the governor to invoke the truth, promote accountability and transparency, regardless of their party loyalty. The governor should not deceptively control the narrative behind the election and ignore the obvious plight of so many people in Golden State. Faced with an unprecedented crisis of homelessness, rising unemployment, and the collapse of the education system, Newsom could not imply that the recall election was conceived only by Republican members.

Most importantly, like a gimmick, Governor Newsom wants you to blindly accept his “Republican seizure of power” narrative, while distracting you from the truth that many of us already know: Californians in politics. All are collectively asking to change the leadership.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Jonathan Madison served as a professional policy officer on the Financial Services Committee of the US House of Representatives. He often expresses opinions on Fox Business Mornings With Maria and appears in the following Internet and TV shows: Saturday Night Live, KRON 4 News, NBC Bay Area News, and KTVU Channel 2 News. As the chairman of the real estate department of the Alameda County Bar Association, Jonathan leads a team of real estate lawyers to educate Alameda County on simple and complex legal matters. In addition, he also leads the prison ministry at the San Francisco County Prison. He is the chief attorney of Madison Law Firm and can be contacted by email [email protected]


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The "craftsmanship" of Governor Newsom
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